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Hold on to your Ghost by Laurie Caradonna

hold on to your ghost_web
Ghost Hunter, Ghost Hunter what have you found
Another lost soul just floating around

You’re a natural spirit stalker, a supernatural talker
Hold on to that Ghost till he’s eternally bound

Press play to view the making of a curious girl and her even curiouser Ghost ~ it is very dark but intriguing all at once..

It will haunt you…

Mixed Media Supplies Used:

Laurie Caradonna

© My Little Creatures Studio
I see creatures in everything & everyone…


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She Creeps – Mixed Media Painting by Laurie Caradonna

Laurie_profileDear Hardcore Mixed Media Artists,

Press play now with the sound up to bear witness to an insatious push & pull process filled with wondrous watercolour, peculiar prismacolors and glittery spirit dust – this mighty mixed media sojourn will lead you to a breathtaking Haunted Girl apparition.


My Little Creatures_She Creeps Mixed Media Art Lesson

My latest Creature Creation is marvellously mysterious, however take heed – some might regard her revelation as Monstrous & become overwhelmed by overbearing Hysteria!

However you may endure it, I will assure you of this ~ it is a Beautiful Madness.

It will haunt you…

Supplies Used:

Laurie from © My Little Creatures Studio
I see creatures in everything & everyone…

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Create a Pikachu Paper Child with Laurie Caradonna

Laurie_profileMy Nephew Harry is totally obsessed with Pokemons, he watches them for hours on youtube and has almost worn his favourite Pikachu onesie out!

He is also a kick ass Creature Creator.

I recently discovered that there are a total of 721 Pokemon CREATURES!

Hello Creatures!

My Little Creatures_Pikachu Cover

Most readers will be familiar with the wonderful world of Pokemon…. but what is a Paper Child?

Paper Children live Somewhere between comics, cartoons, and real life.

They are paper cut-out models of anime characters, 2D drawings, thrown into 3D space, often mischievous, and always adorable.

Pokemon celebrate 20 years of greatness this month. So I thought it was perfect timing to create a Lulu Art tutorial – for all of the little Pokemon Masters out there.

Are you ready to Pokemon Rumble!

Art Supplies Used:

© My Little Creatures Studio

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The Making of a Christmas Creature – Laurie Caradonna

A Mixed Media Art Lesson – Christmas Creature theme

Christmas Creature

This year I have had to forego displaying my beautiful christmas tree due to this naughty Monkey.

Naughty Monkey

I am sure you can see why..

Instead I have created a fun front door decoration to ensure our house is full of Christmas cheer – without the destruction.

Jump right in and view the making of one of my Little creatures using a variety of mixed media techniques.

Watch this Christmas Creature frolics to life with a dash of colour and a heavy dose of glitter, putting that magical time of year in full swing!

Watch the video here:

Supplies Used:

Have a Very Creature Christmas!

© My Little Creatures Studio