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She Creeps – Mixed Media Painting by Laurie Caradonna

Laurie_profileDear Hardcore Mixed Media Artists,

Press play now with the sound up to bear witness to an insatious push & pull process filled with wondrous watercolour, peculiar prismacolors and glittery spirit dust – this mighty mixed media sojourn will lead you to a breathtaking Haunted Girl apparition.


My Little Creatures_She Creeps Mixed Media Art Lesson

My latest Creature Creation is marvellously mysterious, however take heed – some might regard her revelation as Monstrous & become overwhelmed by overbearing Hysteria!

However you may endure it, I will assure you of this ~ it is a Beautiful Madness.

It will haunt you…

Supplies Used:

Laurie from © My Little Creatures Studio
I see creatures in everything & everyone…