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Easy Painted Journal Page using Dina Wakley Acrylics

Hello, fabulous Lulu Art fans – I’m back today with a really simple art journal page, something I would usually do for myself as playtime!  Recently I was lucky enough to lave a cuppa (Australia for a drink and a chat) with the fabulous Kylie fowler from Lulu Art (yes THAT Kylie!) seriously how lucky am I!!!  We were chatting about the art we do for fun – you know the sort, not for any particular purpose or project – but just because. Kylie mentioned that she doesn’t see ‘my’ play stuff anywhere and I realised that she is right – I just don’t share it!  So today I’m sharing something I would usually create for myself and then maybe decorate or maybe not!  It’s a very simple background created with one of the easiest acrylic paint techniques I know of – Paint Scraping.

Start by grabbing at least 3 colors of acrylic paint – I’m using some of the new Pastel colors from Dina Wakley (you know I love these) and after much consideration, I decided on Apricot, Mineral and Carnation.

Use an old credit card or a fancy paint scraper to add one color at a time to the page – I explain this more in the video below.

You can see the paint scraping technique here

Add a hint of glamour by adding some Golden Irridescent Gold Fine fluid acrylic and a few splashes of Lindy’s sprays in grey and purple and then leave the whole page to dry.  Then you can begin decorating!  Now the time between this process of background and decorating can take me anywhere from a few days to a few years – I have many MANY undecorated background pages.  Honestly, I just love to play and experiment and a finished page doesn’t always mean pretty or decorated for me.

For this page, I’ve mixed a custom paint color (Lapis and Night) to make Navy and added a very simple leafy flourish which I’ve embellished using paint over pens, paint pens, and a metallic gold ballpoint pen.  A little stenciling, some stamping with Archival ink and I’m calling this page finished.

I think it’s the small details that bring this one together, the stencils, the little touches of colors in multiple tones (light to dark) and some stickers to finish it all off.


Up close you can see the little details that tie the colors together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into my studio play – not everything needs to be a masterpiece for it to be worth your time!



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Just Delightful – Mixed Media Art Journal Page

So lovely to be back here at Lulu Art for 2019… !!

Back into my journal again… and you know I love to splash the paint around in there!
So… considering that I will be working closely with the “Art by Marlene” brand this year and Lulu Art stocks such a wide range of her lovely products, I thought I would grab one of her stencils, and a couple of Studio Light stamps in her range and see where we end up.

First I scribbled on some Liquitex black gesso (a staple for me) and then went at it with this gorgeous TCW (The Crafter’s Workshop) stencil TCW811 – floral statement

TCW-487707-2TUsing Dina Wakley heavy body acrylics in cheddar, eggplant, fuschia and turquosie I set to working up a background.

Then with these two stamps, I created this little story.


Enjoy watching the video!

Full list of supplies used follows the blog post
Dani x

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The Crafters Workshop – TCW811 – floral statement
Studio Light – Art by Marlene
– leaves background stamp – stampbm10
– heart stamp – stampbm22
Dina Wakley Media – heavy body acrylic
             – fushcia, turquoise, eggplant, cheddar & night
Liquitex – Matte Medium
– Black gesso
Ranger – Archival Ink pad (black)
– Tim Holtz – Big Chat- sentiment stickers
White Sharpie – medium
Prismacolor Pencils – various colours
posca paint markers

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How to Use Dina Wakley Pouring Medium and Cell Creator

Well hello Lulu Art fans, today I’m going to play with something new, Dina Wakley Pouring Medium – it’s fun and a little scary and my friend Kylie who owns Lulu Art, thinks I’m about to make a huge mess, she might just be right (though I hope not)!

The product information says…….
Use Dina Wakley Media Pouring Medium to achieve colorful poured sheets, puddles, marble, and flow effects when mixed with Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints. Pouring Medium is non-crackling and dries to a satin finish without holding bubbles and allows you to write, stamp, and draw on your pours. Dina Wakley Media Cell Creator changes the density of your paint mixtures to create isolated variations in the colors, commonly referred to as “cells” in pours. Pour over various surfaces such as Media Board, journal pages, wood panels, canvas, and more. Available in 8 oz Pouring Medium, 1 oz Cell Creator, and 4 oz Pouring Medium and .5 oz Cell Creator set.

But what is it?

Pouring Medium is an acrylic medium that you mix with Dina Wakley acrylic paint (or any acrylic paint really). This mixture becomes a pourable, fluid paint that you play with to create interesting effects. To help you create cells in your pours, we also created Cell Creator.  Just a few drops in your pour mixtures creates serious MAGIC!

So how do you use Pouring Medium and Cell Creator?

  1. Start by adding a little Dina Wakley paint into a small mixing bowl or cup – use a different bowl for each color.  I think perhaps limit the colors to 5-7 different colors to begin – just so you don’t make a really big mess!
  2. Add the Dina Wakley Pouring medium to each cup, a good ratio to use is 1 part paint to 4 parts pouring medium
  3. Stir gently with a spoon or paddle pop stick
  4. Add 1 drop of the Cell creator to some of the paint mixes for larger cells, or add more for smaller cells, you can try adding more to one color of paint and see what happens
  5. Tip each paint mixture over your surface – one after another
    OR for a DIRTY POUR tip all of the paint into one bowl or cup and quickly upend this over your surface
  6. Tilt the surface or encourage the paint to move across the surface using a brush or paddle pop stick to create interesting patterns and effects
  7. Once happy with your design leave it to dry.  Drying time depends on your climate, more humidity means a longer drying time – give it at least 24 hours.

For my mixed media journal cover, I also created a little combination of Lindy’s Magicals mixed with water and Pouring medium and added this to the mix (next time I would NOT add any water to this as it made it too runny) and I also added some glitter – again I wouldn’t add this to a colored pour as it got lost – looked way better sprinkled over the top.

To finish off the journal cover I’ve added stamped images and then embellished with paint pens and stenciled images and a few paint drips – keeping it simple!


I’ve created a video so you can watch my little experiment and see how I finished off my journal cover just in case you might like to try something similar.


  • The pouring medium dries to a satin finish, though depending on the acrylic paint you’ve used it can turn out quite matt.
  • The fresher your Dina Wakley Media acrylic paints are, the more easily they will mix into the pouring medium. Either way, just keep mixing until your pouring mixture looks consistent – you’ve got lumps, keep stirring!
  • What can you pour on? Well, almost anything including plywood board, canvas, paper, wood, plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, and even aluminum foil!
  • Not sure what to use your pour for?  Think about canvas, book covers, collage papers, backgrounds, journals, and because the surface is matt you can paint over them or even draw on top!

I hope my little experiment inspires you to have a play with this for yourself, I promise the most nerve-wracking part is lifting the cup!


So grab some of the Dina Wakley Pouring Medium and see what you can create!



Design Team

Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Loren Boyd


Hi there, this month I am sharing one of my favourite quotes with you. “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”. I am sure this will resonate with a lot of you. We have already hit August, where has the year gone!!!

Hope you enjoy this mixed media art journal page that I have put together for you all. Watch the video to see how it all came together.


You can watch the process video here:

Supplies I have used:

Thanks for watching!

Loren 🙂

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Mixed Media Art Tag with Kathryn Cruise

LuluArt profile picHello again

I trust you all had a fabulous Easter. I know I really enjoyed my time away from work and spending some quality time with my family.

I made a mixed media tag for this months project and really enjoyed working small for a change. Although, I have worked on tags before it has been a while. To me these are like doing a mini art journal page and as always there are no rules as to what you can and can’t do. I hope you enjoy watching my video and I would love to hear what you think and if I inspired you what did you do with that inspiration.

Last month I had one lovely lady share with me her Dylusions journal cover which she did after watching my video. It was really great to see what she did and I love that she shared it with me.

Have some messy fun 🙂


You can watch the instruction video here:

Supplies List:

Thanks again for joining me.


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Design Team

Decorate your Dylusions Journal with Kathryn Cruise

LuluArt profile picHello there lovelies, Kathryn here. I hope you are having a wonderful year so far. I’m absolutely loving seeing everyones Colour Me Positive challenge pages in the facebook group. It’s so wonderful to see everyone having so much fun and sharing their pages. The support and encouragement everyone gives is heart warming and fantastic to see.

It’s Design Team project time and I decided it was time to do something on my Dylusions Art Journal cover. I had some crazy fun with this project and I am very surprised and pleased with the results. Mind you the end result is not even close to what I had planned but I absolutely love it anyway. I hope you enjoy watching my video and would love to hear what you think.


You can watch the video here:

Supplies List:

Thanks again for joining me.

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Design Team

Steampunk Sophie – by Kathryn Cruise

LuluArt profile picHello lovely people

Kathryn here. It’s my turn to share my latest Lulu Art design team project with you. For this project I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone and work on a different substrate and add more dimension to my project. I had loads of fun with this and also learnt a lot during the process. I am still relatively new to mixed media so my style is still evolving. I am really enjoying playing with new products and having so much messy fun with them.

Steam Punk Sophie DT pic


You can watch my process video here:

Supplies Used:

Thanks again for joining me.

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