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Sunny Days – mixed media art tags

Hey there, Lulu Art lovelies!!

Sunny Days header

Dani Choate (a.k.a. pyglet whispers) here!

Today, I get to spend some arty time with you all on the LuluArt blog and I just can’t wait to show you how I created these two sunny day tags using fab products from

So… take a seat, grab a coffee, figure out where the pause button and the speed controls on Youtube are…  as you might want to catch a still or slow down the process for a closer look somewhere along the way…

…and most of all… enjoy the ride!!

I started some pages by basically, just having a play. I used good quality paper and went with whatever ideas came to mind.

A blue background…


a deep teal swirl… lime and yellow dots…  and a white overlaid stencil.


Next, I took some prints from the wet page.


This is something I often do, just simply to dry my work off  a bit so I can keep creating…  (I am more than a bit impatient with drying times!!)

In this video…I finally went with the tags and once I had the idea… I ran with it!


Hopefully you enjoy the process!!

picbow crop3

Have fun recreating something like this for yourself…  and tag me if you do, so I can come take a look!!

Much fun and many wishes… ’til next time!

~Dani x

If you want to see more of my work you can catch me in a few different places:

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Dina Wakley heavy body paints – lime, yellow, ocean

Dina Wakley fine tip applicator

Dina Wakley palette knife

Liquitex – gesso

Liquitex – modeling paste

Strathmore Mixed media paper

Inkssentials Giant Craft tags – manila size #12

Caran D’Ache Neocolor II soluble wax crayons – yellow, emerald green, cobalt blue & vermillion red

Prismacolor pencils – grass green, true green, orange, Spanish orange, blue denim & black

Pentel Aquash waterbrush

Ceramcoat – Carribean blue craft acrylic

Sharpie white water-based paint pen – stock up because you will see me using these a lot!


Colour Me Positive

Colour Me Positive 2017 Introduction


Welcome to the Colour Me Positive 2017 art journal challenge.

How will the challenge work?

It’s simple really. On Friday of each week I will post the new weeks challenge on the blog here. If you are signed up to the Lulu Art mailing list, you will also receive an email to let you know it’s live. A link to the current weeks blog post will also be pinned to the top of our Facebook page each week so you can find it quickly.

My post will include a positive quote for the week for inspiration. It will also include an extra/optional challenge prompt. Time permitting, myself or a Design Team member will put up an examples of pages we have done with the quote as inspiration, some of which will also incorporate the extra challenge. These pages are purely to show you what we have done and how we have interpreted the challenge in our own journals. What you create is entirely up to you. You can take a word from the quote, a feeling, a colour, the extra prompt, all of the above or nothing at all. I repeat, it is entirely up to you what format it takes, what mediums you use and what direction you go in. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

I recommend using an art journal, either hand made or bought, so that all your CMP work is in the one place and doesn’t risk getting lost, however the choice is ultimately yours. Lulu Art Store stock a huge range of art journals or you can learn to make various journals in my online course, Journal Playground. Whatever you decided to do is fine. Don’t forget to share photos!

I won’t be offended if you don’t use the challenge prompt at all and totally do your own thing. We’ll just be excited that maybe we inspired you to take action in your journal. That is our aim, to keep you inspired and moving with your creativity, and hopefully to keep you positive with the words/quote I share.

Please don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated if you see someone post a photo of their amazing artwork. Just remember, you are amazing too, we are all just at different levels of our own journey.  Don’t let it ever stop you posting. You just don’t know who you might inspire in the process.

The challenge is really flexible. You can pop in and out whenever you like. There is no commitment. We only ask that you be kind to one another in the Facebook group, support each other and most of all – relax and have some fun!!!

A note about sharing photos on our Facebook page – I will set up an album for each weeks challenge. Please add your photo to the relevant weeks album. It will be so much easier to keep them all organised and for when we are doing weekly prize draws (you’ll read about those further down the page!). Make sure you title your work with the appropriate week so members viewing your work know exactly which prompt/week your work is based on.

Only images that go into the album will be eligible to enter the giveaway, as it is too time consuming for me to go through everyone’s upload and place it in the album myself.

Let us know if you’re not sure how to share to an album and we’ll give you a hand. Also please remember to upload from your files rather than sharing from another FB page. Sharing from another FB page doesn’t always work properly so remember to upload direct from your files instead.

What will you need?

My best advice is to just start where you are, with what you have. You really don’t need every supply out there (of course we want them haha but we don’t need them). Don’t despair if you only have a few things or you have a limited budget. If you only have a few pencils, do your challenge with those. If you have a few old acrylic paints, break them out and use those. You might be a scrapbooker, so break out your pretty paper scraps to make some collage backgrounds. You don’t have to use the same products we use, get inventive and use up your stash. You’d be amazed at the beautiful work you can create with limited supplies, even just a ball point pen.

For those of you who are new to art journaling and are wondering where to start, here is a list of  supplies that would be good choices for a basic art journaling kit. Lulu Art Store will have journaling kits available soon.

Here are some of my favourite art journaling items:

  • A good sturdy journal – if you intend to use any paints or sprays then you want a journal that can take the pressure! I recommend any of the Strathmore mixed media journals, the Dylusions journals or even working on seperate sheets of watercolour paper and binding it together at the end of the year.  There are lots of options. I always have several journals on the go, at the same time, but will try my hardest to dedicate a journal just for CMP entries.
  • Some cheap acrylic paints – these are great for creating backgrounds for your journal pages. My favourite is Ceramcoat. These acrylics are highly pigmented. Some cheap brands of paint are low pigmented and very translucent,which means you end up using more paint to create a nice opaque area.
  • Stencils and Stamps – Are easy to use and can create an instant arty effects without having to have any drawing/painting skills.
  • Old magazines – great for chopping out pictures and words to collage on to your pages.
  • Journaling pens – I personally love the Sharpie Paint pens as they will write over most surfaces. Anything waterproof is best.

You may have noticed we are an Australian online Art store. So if any of our Australian ladies are looking for anything in particular we are most happy to help. When the store re-opens there will be different Art Journaling Packs to get you started. If there is ever anything you would like to see me stock, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I love to hear about new products and experiment in my art journal.

Feature Artists & The Lulu Art Design Team

The Lulu Art Design team is about to be chosen . The team will alternate in showing you new techniques, playing with ‘must have scrummy’ products from our store and inspiring you to create your own fabulous artwork. I also have a line up of artists who I will be interviewing throughout the year. Some of them are offering fantastic prizes for our weekly prize draw. Look out for that as they are brilliant prizes.

Prize Giveaways

As mentioned above, this year I’ve have had some wonderful donations from several of our feature artists and we also have a few goodies up our sleeve as well. Every week there will be a giveaway. A name will be drawn randomly from those lovely people who participate by loading up a photo in that weeks album on Facebook.

This is not a game of skill. We know that you are all at different levels in your art. The draw will be totally random using a random number generator and counting from the first photo loaded.

We know sometimes life happens and we don’t always get a chance to work in our journals every week. Therefore we will draw the winner of the prize draw two weeks after each blog post .. so for example, Week 1 blog post goes up on 6th January, you have two weeks to get a journal page completed and loaded up in the Week 1 folder, a name will be drawn on Friday 20th January.

Extra Challenges & Swaps

I will be posting a list of daily journal prompts each month, for those of you who journal daily and want more of a challenge.

Throughout the year I am hoping to organise a few ‘Art swaps’, but will notify you well in advance for these.

Social Media Sharing

Feel free to share photos of your work. Any photos shared on the Facebook group remain private and only seen by those who are members as it is a closed group. Please respect the privacy of your fellow members by not sharing any of their photos on social media (e.g. Pinterest, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc).  If we share elsewhere then it will only be with the permission of those involved.

If you choose to share your own photos of your own work then you are most welcome to share them wherever you like. Please use #colourmepositive whenever you share your work, so that members can easily find and follow you on your social media sites. This is also a great way to promote the challenge and inspire others.

Time Zones

I will be posting here on the blog at approximately 9am on a Friday mornings here in Victoria, Australia. This is approximately 2pm Thursday in Los Angeles, U.S. and 10pm Thursday in London, U.K.

I look forward to getting to know you throughout the year. Here’s to a fun-filled creative 2017.

Kylie - Signature

If you haven’t already signed up to get the weekly emails you can sign up here for a year of positive creativity.

If you haven’t joined the facebook group you can do so here.

Design Team

Rock your Frock by Kooky Makes

Kooky_picHi everyone!
Today I’m creating an art journal piece using a technique for making textured paper which I learned from Gillian Cox. When I asked her permission to use the technique she was happy to share – I think that’s pretty awesome. As soon as I saw the paper created by the technique – which Gillian uses as layers in her mixed media art – it made me think of crumpled fabric and so this piece was born.
Once you’ve made the paper creating a dress is easy. You can either draw it (from your imagination or a reference), use transfer paper to copy the dress to your paper, or cut a dress out a magazine and use that as a template. Whatever your drawing skill level you’re going to come out with something that looks good. And you can use this paper & transfer/template for all kinds of other things.
Here’s the video (It’s short but hopefully sweet!):
Supplies List:
  • Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Inks – Prussian Blue, Purple Lake, Turquoise & Dutch Blue Pearlescent
  • Spray Bottle (I used mini misters but any will do)
  • Photocopy paper (thin & white)
  • Water
  • Big Paint Brush
  • Magazine picture of a dress for reference (if needed) – I like long dresses (folds & no legs!) and pictures with just one hand showing to make it easier to draw
  • Transfer Paper or Tracing Paper
  • Scissors
  • Golden – Gel Medium
  • Tombow Pens – to match the inks you use
  • Pencil to draw details
As always, I’d love to see your dresses so do share on the Lulu Art & Friends facebook page. To keep in touch with what I’m doing you can follow my blog or like my facebook page. You can also follow my ‘Dresses for Art’ Pinterest board.
Design Team

How to Draw Your Dragon by Kooky Makes

Kooky_picHi everyone,
Today I’m going to share my How to Draw Your Dragon secrets. I’ve always had a bit of thing about dragons but it only occurred to me recently that they would make a great addition to my art journal. Although many stories about dragons suggest they are beasts to be afraid of I’ve always imagined them as representing the wise and noble parts of ourselves.
The video is mostly my method of drawing a dragon in profile using simple shapes. I then show you how I use the outline to create a dragon with a message to my wise and noble self. I hope you’ll give it a go and add your own frills and decorations.
Supplies List
Do share on the Lulu Art & Friends facebook page – I’d love to see what you create. To keep in touch with what I’m doing you can follow my blog at or like my facebook page at
Kooky x
Design Team

Mixed Media Art Journal by Wendy Walsh

IMG_4411A BIG HELLO (smiling and waving with my paint covered hand) FROM ME TO YOU….

I’m Wendy Walsh from Wendy Lee Design.  I am truly honoured and grateful to be part of this fun and creative Lulu art design team. Today I am bringing to you, “How to make a mixed media Art Journal.” This journal is quick and simple to make, FUN and you can decorate it simply or elaborately, depending on your taste.

For me, an Art Journal is a sacred space to reflect, create and celebrate life as you know it. Journal pages have no right or wrong, good or bad, just freedom to explore, create and play.

Please join me in making this Art journal and it is my hope that this blog post inspires creativity and JOY.


On the front cover of my Art Journal I painted from a photo of my two aunties when they were little girls. The photo itself is so precious to me and painting it evoked such fond memories.

It’s all here in the video:

Supplies Used:
  1. Make sure you glue all tissue paper and scrapbook paper down first. When dry, mix together (50%) diluted glue and water and seal the front of the papers.
  2. I measured and marked an inch in on both boards as a guide to glue my fabric  for the binding of the journal. I glued the fabric 1 cm short of the full inch (sorry about the change in metric), so I could add the wash tape to it later.Once fabric is glued into place, cover and seal the fabric with the diluted  glue as well. It will dry stiff, so make sure it dries flat.
I organise an Art on Envelope swap from my Facebook page every few months. I thought this journal could also work as a keepsake journal-a place to store my beautiful art envelopes that I have received.

Please visit the Lulu Art store for all your crafty needs.

If you would like to stay in touch with me, you can find and LIKE me on Facebook at: Wendy Lee Design OR follow and SUBSCRIBE to my Blog – Where Art Meets The Heart.


Wendy xx


Monthly Challenge – Inspiration Card

We’ve had this idea brewing where we wanted to do something really positive with the business that would help others in some way. This month we have decided to introduce a regular monthly challenge which you all can participate in for the chance of a prize but also to do some good out there.

After reading about the Truth Card exchange put together by the Brave Girls Club we have been inspired to set up this inspiration card challenge that will result in helping others in a similar way. A simple card or tag with a quote which might just brighten someones day or potentially make a huge difference to someone who is doing it tough.

So here’s the deal – Decorate a small piece of card (example ATC size 2.5in x 3.5in – or similar) or even a tag including a positive uplifting message.  Photograph the item and email the picture to with “April Challenge” in the subject line or post it on our Lulu Art & Friends facebook page (a page we’ve set up where we can share interesting things we come across and you can all share photos of your art and mingle with each other).

After you’ve photographed the card we want you to give this card away — yes, give it away! – You can either give it directly to someone you know who needs a pick-me-up, you can leave it somewhere for a stranger to find, or alternatively you can send it to me (Lulu Art, PO Box 1769, Noosa Heads, Qld 4567) and I will pass it on to a dear friend (one of our design team mebers, Monika) who puts together cosmetic bags for women who have had to flee to shelters after domestic violence. Imagine how much of a difference it could make to one of these women to see a beautiful positive message.

Each month we will showcase some of the entries and choose a winner which will be published on our blog and the facebook page. Below is an example of one of these inspirational cards (or in this case a tag) made by one of our design team, Karen Knight. Thanks Karen for sharing this pic with us.


I’d love for you to join us in this challenge and help make a difference out there. Our monthly winner will receive a store voucher to the value of $25.

Entries close on Friday 25th April and the winner will be announced on Monday 28th April.

Even if you don’t want to enter the challenge I would encourage you to do something like this to make a difference in someone else’s life.  We often have no idea what people around us are facing and receiving a gift like this could really brighten someones day. You never know what a simple gesture like that could mean to another person.

Can’t wait to see what you create!


Design Team

Lulu Art – Design Team Announcement

There were some incredibly talented ladies that applied for the design team this round.  I had a very hard time narrowing it down to a shortlist, then an even harder time choosing from a bunch of ladies who all well and truly deserved to be on the team! I had to expand the team to 5 to make the decision a tiny bit easier.

In the end the decisions were made based on gaining a diversity of styles to give our blog readers more variety and the ability to learn more techniques.

I gave my previous team the chance to reapply and two had other commitments but I’m pleased to say that Monika Dabrowska-Ejmont and Robyn Wood are continuing on with this new term.

I’m delighted to announce that our 3 new members are Wendy Walsh, Kooky Makes and Karen Knight.  I am very excited to see what wonderful things our new team creates.

So you can get to know these three new ladies a little better here is a little more about them and some examples of recent work (click on the thumbnail to view larger versions of the photos).

Wendy Walsh

Where can we find your work?

What are you currently creating?
At present I am organising an art envelope swap, which involves many creative participants from around the world. I am also creating a series of art to be sold in a friends shop that sells products appropriate for children. I have learnt to professionally reproduce my artwork on archival paper (giclee) and will be selling my artwork in the near future.

What are your “go to” products right now?
I love to use acrylic paint and prismacolour pencils. However, water-colour and ink designs plus collage also intrigue me. I am always up for a challenge. Using different mediums and approaches keeps me inspired and constantly learning. I have found that quality paper and brushes are a must.

How would you describe your style?
I believe my style always comes out in all my work. I love whimsy, through to quirky, contemplative through to humorous. I like to paint with a happy heart and hope that my work generates the same feeling in the viewer.

Some photos of recent work:

wendy1 wendy3 IMG_5909

Kooky Makes

Where can we find your work?

What are you currently creating?
I have 2 art journals on the go, a large canvas for a friend, several hand made journals in progress, wedding invitations & decorations for another friend and am part of 3 currently running on-line art courses. I am also making a bag & a dress and a submission for a local art gallery.

What are your “go to” products right now?
My favourite products at the moment are gesso, watercolour (including pencils) and pastels.

How would you describe your style?
My overall design style is high key shabby chic at the moment. I really enjoy pastel schemes with pops of colour and muted backgrounds with strong accents.

Some photos of recent work:

kooky2 kooky1 kooky3

Karen Knight

Where can we find your work?

What are you currently creating?
Currently working on an art journal in tag format.

What are your “go to” products right now?
Distress inks and markers, crackle paint , collage sheets and of course stamps!

How would you describe your style?
I would say its a little bit vintage/grunge but clean and simple at the same time. Also love a bit of colour at times too.

Some photos of recent work:

karen1 karen2 karen3

Now let’s see what Monika and Robyn have been up to lately!

Monika Dabrowska-Ejmont

Some photos of recent work:

monika1 monika2 monika3

Robyn Wood

Some photos of recent work:

robyn1 robyn2 robyn3

I’m so excited to see what these girls are going to create this term. So much inspiration amongst the team, it’s going to be fabulous!


Design Team

Full Bloom Beauty by Cassandra Bright

CassThis week I am delighted to show you this fabulous piece by Cassandra called Full Bloom Beauty. I love the colours Cassandra has used in this piece as well as the techniques she has used.  It’s so full of life and texture, just lovely.



You can watch the video here:

Products used are:

Thanks for checking out Cassandra’s project.