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Poppies – Journal Page by Monika Dabrowska-Ejmont

MonikaI love poppy flowers, they are always taking me back to my childhood. I remember our veggie patch in which grandma just spread poppy seeds randomly and they were growing between carrots, potatoes, strawberries. Always standing taller than the rest of the plants on their hairy green stems. Bright, bold and also so fragile.

Then in autumn they were turning in to brown, rattling hard heads, still beautiful in their own way. And then Christmas time we had a delicious poppy seed cake. I wish I was good at painting realistic flowers…or animals …. or anything. But since I am not :)) I just used this Ronda’s fragment stencil to create poppies with a twist. There is still red and green and brown and black, all the colours I remember from childhood, so it makes me happy. And my kitty was there to help me to recreate the childhood feelings and also make new happy memories.



You can watch the process video here:

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Monika xx

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Becoming a Butterfly – An art journal page by Robyn Wood

Hello! It’s Robyn with you today sharing an art journal page using some brand new Dina Wakley stamps.  I tend to love anything insect themed, so when these cute stamps came in they were in my hands so fast!  I love the size of the images – perfect for cards, tags or art journaling.  This page comes together quite quickly once the butterflies are stamped, coloured and trimmed – I love how the sparkly butterflies gently pop out of the page.  You can easily substitute with different colours or maybe use a different type of background all together!

Art Journal Page by Robyn Wood
Art Journal Page by Robyn Wood

Don’t forget that as designers we love sharing our knowledge of products sold in the store, so if there is something you would like to know how to use or a technique that you would love to learn – drop us a line and we will see what we can do. Personally, I love a challenge and am always happy to play with something new, in the interests of education of course! (really I just like to buy ‘new’ products)

You can watch the video here:

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I hope you enjoy learning how to make this page – don’t forget to upload pictures of your projects to our Lulu Art & Friends Facebook page or leave a comment on my blog,  If you use Instagram you can find Lulu Art at and I’m there as well – Pop by and say ‘hi’!


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Easy Acrylic Skins on the Gelli Plate by Robyn Wood

RobynHello, it’s Robyn with you today sharing a really easy technique on how to make an acrylic skin using the Gelli plate. I’m then going to show you how to incorporate it into an art journal page for a really unique way to add texture to a page.  The basics of making a skin are explained below so have a read through before you watch the video.


Artists who have been working with acrylic paints have been making ‘skins’ for years.  When you remember how easily a splodge of acrylic paint dries out and forms a ‘skin’ over the top you can imagine how this technique was discovered.  I expect someone was cleaning up one day and found that the pile of paint skin was actually useful!  I got the basic idea to layer paints on the Gelli plate via a video on the Gelli Arts blog which showed making Gelli printed packing tape.  You can find that video here.


Acrylic skins can be made out of any combination of acrylic paint and mediums and depending on the materials used can be opaque or clear like the one I’m going to show you.  The Gelli plate makes it so easy!  A side benefit is a beautifully clean Gelli plate:)

I always start with a ‘dirty’ Gelli plate – this adds a readymade layer of colour and pattern.  As soon as it is dry, start adding more layers of paint – dribble, stencil, stamp, draw, paint in a variety of colours until the surface is covered.  Paint pens also work beautifully and I found that Silks & spray inks give a shimmery effect.  Allow drying time between each layer of paint as the colours can lift and muddy.  Apply a final layer of clear gel medium and allow to dry completely – overnight is best.  I used a gloss gel for a shiny effect but matt will also work.

Once dry, peel it carefully from the plate and use. I’ve diecut mine into circles for use on my page but you can tear them or cut into random shapes or pile it up for a really textured effect.  Just use a good coat of gel medium to adhere.  Caution – don’t mix in any oil based or wax based products – they will separate.

You can watch my video here:




I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make a ‘Gelli skin’ for use in your mixed media projects.  Don’t forget, you are always welcome to upload pictures of your projects to our LuLu Art & Friends Facebook page or leave a comment on my blog,  If you use Instagram you can find LuLu Art at and I’m there as well, Pop by and say ‘hi’.



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Seeking the True Treasure by Monika Dabrowska-Ejmont

MonikaShe is like the cloud of shimmering beauty drifting in the depths of the ocean.

She is the seeker!   She is curious!   She is determined!

She is fragile looking, translucent and dreamy but strong at the same time!

That is how, I think, my story would start… and I am sure she would meet a sweet underwater kitty somewhere along the way.

Who knows maybe she can be my friend?

Today while I write this, the whole rain thing is making my mind float away to nice places .  Or maybe it’s just this yummy blue Celedon Silks acrylic glaze that has me inspired?!

Soooo ladies and gentleman! Here she is and she is ” Seeking the true treasures”.


You can watch the video here:

Supplies used are:

Thank you for looking.