Jane Davenport Layered Mermaid Marker Page

Good morning Lulu Art fans – it’s been a while since I shared here on the blog, so I thought I’d start with a little art journal page with a lot of attitude.  Today we will be creating a page chockfull of Jane Davenport goodies and yummy colors all available from Lulu Art of course.  It starts with a freeform background and journal tattoos and finishes with a face fit for a drama queen.

This page is nearly impossible to explain in writing (well I could but you might be here for a while!) – so I’ve recorded the process so you can see each step and play along with me.

Start by painting the page with gesso then close the page and open again while the gesso is wet to create texture – flatten out any ridges where you intend to add your drawing or face.  Then, randomly add paint blobs to the page and squish the pages together.  Spread the paint on the journal page and while the paint is wet, add stamping.

When this layer is dry scrape on gesso and once dry apply journal tattoos onto the background.

Use a waterproof ink and stamp Jane’s single face stamp onto the page.   Add hair using Mermaid markers and add a base layer of acrylic paint onto the face and spread about with a water brush.

Using paint over pens and mermaid markers to add layers of color to the face and spread color with a water brush to soften colors.  Once dry outline face features with Fude Ball pen – ps the Dina Wakley Fude ball pen I used glides over the page (even the textured bits) like butter!!!!!

Add layer upon layer of color with Mermaid markers blotting with a paper towel and thinning color with a water brush, building up layers of color until you achieve the look you are after.


While the color may not be even applied in this way, it sure is pretty!


Define and add a final layer of color using Prismacolor pencils.

Embellish the hair and background with gold paint to finish the page off.



Jane Davenport


Now it’s your turn, grab those supplies and go make art.



Watercolor Christmas Card

Can you all tell I’ve been having a complete blast making Christmas projects lately!  It seems everywhere I turn there is another idea for a new project – must be the Christmas sparkles inspiring me.  Today I’ve created a simple Christmas card with a water coloured background, a little stamping and a foiled Christmas sentiment.  You can grab the yummy goodies I’ve used from Lulu Art of course!  The steps are fairly simple, so let me show you how to create this pretty card.

Tape off the edges of your watercolour paper and then use masking ink to draw on some snowdrift shapes.

Use watercolours and create a wash for the snow drifts and a darker wash for the sky.

Once the background is dry, remove the masking ink and stamp some trees using watercolour paint as the ink for the stamps – let this dry thoroughly.

Add opaque molding paste through a stencil and leave to dry.

Use a Sharpie pen to splatter white paint over the sky for stars and then add a second layer of splatters using the Pearl color from the Gansai Tambi pearl paints.

Paint adhesive size over the molding paste and wait for it to become tacky, then add silver foil over the size.

Brush off any excess foil and trim and scruff up those edges with a distressing tool, before mounting onto some backing card.

Your finished card is elegant and ready to send.

I’ve also recorded every step so you can watch and create your very own Watercolour Christmas Card.


Grab those watercolours and make your own simple and elegant watercolour Christmas card oxoxo


Frida Journal Page with Kylie Stencil and Jane Supplies

OK how could I resist making an art journal page using Jane Davenport and Kylie Fowler supplies, especially now that Kylie is carrying Jane Davenport supplies in store I kinda HAD to make this page.  I was inspired by the riot of colours in the new collage papers and felt like I needed to make an equally riotous and wild page.  From there it was a short hop to Frida Kahlo as it’s Frida I think of when I think of wild and unrestrained.

While there are a few steps, all are simple and unrestrained and focus on fun and experimentation – so grab some papers, paint and some water soluble crayons or markers and have a play with me!  Start by gluing collage papers over your journal pages using mat medium and then allow to dry completely.

Now it’s time to create the base layer for your face, use the Peace face stencil from the Fowler face series as an outline and paint in the shape using Ceramcoat Santa’s Flesh.

Use a water-soluble marker to sketch in the facial features, and mermaid markers and one of Jane’s stencils to sketch the outline of flowers in the hair.

Now it’s time to tone down the page a bit.  Sketch the outline of Frida’s hair and then paint around the face and hair with gesso – make it as thick or thin as you like to hide or reveal the background details.  While the gesso is still wet, use an implement to scratch designs into the wet paint – this technique is called sgraffito.

Time to add some color to the face, I used Aquapastels to add the base colour and they dissolved beautifully.

Outline all the main elements using paint in a fine line bottle – this adds a little boldness to the image and helps to separate the image from the background and make it stand out against the very bold colors.

Add final details to the image using White Sharpie paint pen and Inktense pencils.

The combination of pencil for details and white paint to add some lightness finishes off the image.

And the finished page is a riot of colour – worthy I hope of Frida.

Now there is no way to capture the layers and process in words alone, so I’ve filmed the process of creating this page so you can all watch and play along!



I hope you’ve found a few new ideas in this page that you might like to try for yourself!

Warren Creations – Christmas JOY

Hey guys, Jesse here from warrencreations with another Lulu Art Project.  I am so excited as It is my time again to share with you my tutorial which takes you through my process for creating the the image below.

Wow can you believe that it is Christmas already? By golly this year has gone so fast!
This will be my last lulu art tutorial ladies and gentlemen. 😦 I wanted to do something big a special but that did not happen. My laptop died (R.I.P) half way through this tutorial so I lost all my video footage! Thankfully I had taken photos on another camera.  So you are just stuck with me giving you the breakdown in the steps below and if you like, watch the slide show I put together with some themed Christmas tunes at the end of this tutorial 🙂

Step 1: Background and face elements

I used the dylusions journal  ( A BRAND NEW ONE THAT IS ABOUT TO BE BROKEN IN). For the background, I used an inkjet printer and printed some verses on adhesive A4 paper. My printer uses what is known as “Dura Brite Ultra Ink” that is a waterproof and smudge proof ink so I can put paint and wet mediums on top with no bleeding or ink running. I also tried doing the same method above but printed on tissue paper but the final page was a little too textured for this project so I went with the a4 adhesive paper version instead.

Ontop of the adhesive paper I used dylusions paint rubbing with a baby wipe to make sure to only apply a thin layer. I stamped a stamp that I thought looked like snow flakes around the edge of the page to create a frame and a border. I then traced a face using the Jane Davenport face stencil and blocked in some basic skin tone and facial features.

Step 2: Block out Hair

Using neocolour crayons I shade in a basic layer of hair. While this layer is still wet, I go over with a similar tone in acrylic paint blending the two as I go. Add a layer of white acrylic paint to the eyes.

Step 3: Define elements 

Define the hair, lips and skin to add contrast and shading . I used a mixture of acrylic paint, dylusions paint, tombow markers, prisma colour pencils and neocolour crayons to build up thin layers. This process can take some time but is where it all comes together.

Step 3: Add antlers 

I sketched a antler onto a scrap bit of paper. I then scanned into my computer to play around the sizing. I printed out multiple sizes so I could chose the correct one that I though best suited. I cut out the one that I was happy with and traced around with a dark neocolour crayon. I then flipped the antler horizontally to create a mirror effect and traced out it in the same way. I then blocked in a layer of colour using dylusions paint.

Step 4 : Add Background Elements

Using a jpeg image I brought online, I cut the stencil out with my brother scan and cut machine. (The best toy ever if you want to make your own stencils) I used a make up wedge to pounce dylusions paint though the stencil. I did multiple passes though each to build up the strong colour.

Step 5: Define the stencil elements

Using liquitex matte medium as a glue, I pounced the medium over the painted image and added glitter in the same colour as the paint. I pressed the glitter down finger and a bit of pressure to make sure it had good contact with the matte medium. Once Dry, I used liquitex gloss varnish to further seal and loose glitter.

Step 6: Use washi tape

Using sliver washi tape, I used to give the appearance that the decorations were hanging from the top of the page.

Step 7: Keep building up definition 

Define any further elements that need more work such as the hair, build the colour up in the eyes, eye lids. Keep creating thin layers of colour until you are happy.

Step 8: Fine Details

Define further all the little details and elements such as the eye lashes, lips, jewellery ect

Step 9: Fake Snow

Use fake snow paste to build up interest. This paste already has a sparkle too it but I added extra glitter over the top for something extra special and to help tie in the glitter elements on the other page.

Step 10; Add a final verse


Using my inject printer and clear adhesive printer paper, I am able to create my own “transparent transfers” I then add paint and my own elements over the top to help blend the layer into the piece and make it look like it belongs.

And that is it! I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope your christmas is filled with lots of good food, laughter and happy memories.





 Supply List

Dylusions Journal 9×11

Dylusions Paint

Dirty Martini
Campso Teal
Chrushed Grape
Bubble Gum Pink
Postbox Red
Pomgrante Seed
Melted Chocolate
White Linen
Black Marble

Hot Off The Press Stencils 6″X6″-Small Christmas Ornaments
Round circle Stencil
Jane Davenport Face

Matte Medium
Liquitex Matte Medium

Gloss Varnish
Liquitex Gloss Varnish

Make up Wedges
Paint Applicator Botttle
Craft Stamp- Snowflake

Archival Ink
Leaf Green

I would now like to take the time to personally thank Kylie @blissfulpumpkin for giving me the second look and the chance to be on your design team. It has personally been a pleasure and wonderful journey. I have enjoyed every minute of it and are open for any further challenges if you will have me 🙂

Thanks for watching! Please be sure to the visit Lulu Art Store for the best art supplies around and please come see myself for many more of my creative journeys.


Kylie’s Face Stencil Demo by Theresa Miers

Hello LuluArt friends. We all love and art challenge, right? I am Theresa, and I embraced a personal art challenge opportunity when I recently received a set of Kylie Fowler’s new face stencils. You see, I’m really okay with trying to draw or paint a face in my own, sometimes quirky, way. Until now it never occurred to me to ever use a stencil to map out the face. With Kylie’s recent release I thought it was a great time to try something new to me and do just that. But first I must play.

Face stencil outlines

My main objective was to use the stencil in a way that would feel most ‘natural’ to me and take advantage of it purely as a tool. The first thing I did was flip back through my own work to find my inspiration. I found a watercolour piece I’d done with a quarter turned face and I set about re-creating it with Kylie’s quarter turned stencil. I was really happy with that first start. So I tried it again. And again. And again. Each time just doing somethings a bit different and somethings a bit the same.

Kylies Face Stencil by Theresa - dry brushing

As you can see from the pictures and the video it looks nothing like a watercolour painting anymore. And I think it’s safe to say that my end result looks very much like something I’d do but with someone else’s face map to lay a foundation. I used a lot of dry bushing technique with water activated art supplies to create layers for an impressionist style, mixed with collaging paper napkins.

 Stencil face sideways

I was really happy with the creative places it took me as I opened up to the possibilities of trying something I’d never really considered before. It was definitely worth trying something different, especially if that different is finding new discoveries. Watch the video below to see where my art play lead me and how I used the quarter turned stencil to paint my face.

Stencil face mouth detail

Have you tried the new face stencils yet? They are not just for artists unsure of how to map out a face, they are also great for recreating your own works differently.

Kylies Face Stencil by Theresa - finishing touches

Supplies I used that are available at the Lulu Art store.


Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal

This professional quality journal is excellent for watercolour, gouache, acrylic graphite, pen & ink, coloured pencil, marker, pastel and collage. 100% cotton fibre, acid free, lignin free, archival. 64 pages of 90lb paper bound into a journal.


Artist Cellar – Kylie Fowler Stencil – Fowler Faces 4pk – 6×6

Kylie Fowler – Fowler Face Series – Pack of 4. Kylie is known for creating artwork with big soulful eyes that capture your attention. All designs 6′ x 6′. Unique premium quality stencil designs from Artistcellar. Designed by Kylie Fowler.


Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint – 8oz – White

Your favourite Ceramcoat paint in the bigger 8oz bottle. Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint has a creamy, smooth consistency for one coat coverage that dries to a uniform, matte, permanent finish. This paint is perfect for a wide variety of hard surfaces.


Caran d’Ache Neocolor II Water-soluble wax pastel

Caran D’Ache – Neocolor II – Water Soluble wax pastel / artist crayon. The widest range of wax-based water-soluble pastels on the market. High pigment concentration for bright and opaque colours. Soft and easy to work with, strong bright colours.


Dina Wakley Media Scribble Sticks 12/Pkg

Scribble Sticks are versatile, high quality pigment sticks that sketch like crayons but are water-soluble like watercolour pencils. Create backgrounds and blend colour to a transparent shade using water or create bold, opaque designs, scribbles and marks.


der-481235-2t-1 (1)

Derwent – Inktense Pencils 12pk



Liquitex Matte Medium 16oz

Creates a matte, non-reflective finish and dries translucent, permanent, non-yellowing, and water resistant. Mix it with any acrylic colour or Liquitex mediums or thin by adding up to 25% water. Also makes an excellent glue for collage.


Jane Davenport Mixed Media Paint Over Pens 5/Pkg

American Crafts – Add beautiful colours to your craft projects using these paint over pens by Jane Davenport. This wonderful assortment of paint pens is perfect to personalise your handmade gift bags, tags, cards and other paper craft projects.

Live with Promise

We all live in such a busy world and time goes by in a blink of an eye. There is a beautiful TCW stencil I use often in my work “Live Love Laugh” it reminds me to slow down and take a breath.

I have combined part of it in my next piece

“Live with Promise”


I like to blend from one colour to another when using the stencils as I like the effect.

FullSizeRender (1)

It is fun to use the back ground colour in the faces rather than blocking in a flesh tone each time. Variety is the spice of life.

I hope you enjoy watching the video and have some fun experimenting with different back ground colours.


Full Product List

Dylusions Paint  Crushed Grape, White Linen, London Blue, After Midnight, Black Marble, Bubble Gum Pink
Liquitex White Gesso
Brushes 1/4 and 3/8 angle, 10/0 Liner
Palette Knife
Sponge Dauber
Strathmore – Mixed Media Paper Pad 6 x 8
Teflon Craft Mat
Stencils: Tim Holtz; Fade Dot, Wildflower, Lattice work, TCW; Mini Live Love Laugh





Mixed Media Cards Using Distress Oxides by Idiana’s Creations


Hiya wonderful crafters!! Idiana here from Idiana’s Creations with another mixed media project. Today I have an easy and fool proof way to make 3 cards with 3 different oxide techniques to highlight. Also I am using Donna Downey’s beautiful poppy stamps. Full supply list and video tutorial are below.


TIM HOLTZ – DISTRESS OXIDE INK PADS: Fire Brick, Worn Lipstick, Broken China, Wilted Violet, Faded Jean