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Easy Painted Journal Page using Dina Wakley Acrylics

Hello, fabulous Lulu Art fans – I’m back today with a really simple art journal page, something I would usually do for myself as playtime!  Recently I was lucky enough to lave a cuppa (Australia for a drink and a chat) with the fabulous Kylie fowler from Lulu Art (yes THAT Kylie!) seriously how lucky am I!!!  We were chatting about the art we do for fun – you know the sort, not for any particular purpose or project – but just because. Kylie mentioned that she doesn’t see ‘my’ play stuff anywhere and I realised that she is right – I just don’t share it!  So today I’m sharing something I would usually create for myself and then maybe decorate or maybe not!  It’s a very simple background created with one of the easiest acrylic paint techniques I know of – Paint Scraping.

Start by grabbing at least 3 colors of acrylic paint – I’m using some of the new Pastel colors from Dina Wakley (you know I love these) and after much consideration, I decided on Apricot, Mineral and Carnation.

Use an old credit card or a fancy paint scraper to add one color at a time to the page – I explain this more in the video below.

You can see the paint scraping technique here

Add a hint of glamour by adding some Golden Irridescent Gold Fine fluid acrylic and a few splashes of Lindy’s sprays in grey and purple and then leave the whole page to dry.  Then you can begin decorating!  Now the time between this process of background and decorating can take me anywhere from a few days to a few years – I have many MANY undecorated background pages.  Honestly, I just love to play and experiment and a finished page doesn’t always mean pretty or decorated for me.

For this page, I’ve mixed a custom paint color (Lapis and Night) to make Navy and added a very simple leafy flourish which I’ve embellished using paint over pens, paint pens, and a metallic gold ballpoint pen.  A little stenciling, some stamping with Archival ink and I’m calling this page finished.

I think it’s the small details that bring this one together, the stencils, the little touches of colors in multiple tones (light to dark) and some stickers to finish it all off.


Up close you can see the little details that tie the colors together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into my studio play – not everything needs to be a masterpiece for it to be worth your time!



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