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Feather Journal Cover

Hello there gorgeous people!  I am sooooooo excited to share today’s project with you –  I’m going decorate a Travelers Notebook insert cover and add a little extra strength to the cover so it holds up over time.  This is what I’ll be showing you how to make – a Travelers Notebook cover with a galaxy feather design – using yummy products from the Lulu Art store of course.


Now I know not everyone likes to watch video’s on how to step-by-step pages so I have both a video and written instructions on how to make this yourself!

Step 1

Add fabric bookbinding tape to the spine to add strength, then tear vintage papers into pieces and glue onto the journal cover using Matt Medium – be generous, as this will add strength to the fragile vintage papers.
TN Cover - Feather 1 a

Step 2

Once dry, add words to the spine with Archival inks and a Tim Holtz Layering Stencil – Traveler.  Using the foam mini ink applicator gently add ink to the edges to enhance the vintage look.

TN Cover - Feather a

Step 3

Using the same Archival inks add some random stamping to the background to add a little pattern.

TN Cover - Feather f

Step 4

Use the Vintage Pastel Watercolour set from Prima to add some sheer and soft colour to the background and you can even disguise some of the text as there are 2 colours in the set almost the exact shades of vintage paper – swoon!

TN Cover - Feather f

Step 5

Add Prima’s Art Alchemy paints in Blackberry, Rich Turquoise, Pink Blush, Wild Fuschia, Pure Sunshine, Crocus Fields and Frozen Berries through the feather stencil – blend the colours a little and add in a semi ‘banded’ pattern – I created my colour bands horizontally going up the design with my palest or brightest colours in the middle and the darkest colours at the top and bottom.

TN Cover - Feather h

Step 6

Partially cover the painted design using Paynes Grey so that there are flecks of colour peeking through the darker paint.

TN Cover - Feather f

Step 7

Finish your Journal cover with a hint of lightness by adding splashes of white Sharpie paint marker to mimic stars in the night sky and adding a hint of metallic shimmer by outlining your design in gold acrylic paint.

TN Cover - Feather f

TN Cover - Feather f

Add a word of your choice either in coordinating colours (use the same paints to colour it) or a contrasting colour for pop.




From Lulu Art of course!


  • American Crafts Thickers: Wander
  • Fabric Book Binding Tape
  • 49 & Market Stamps: Captured Adventures

I hope you have enjoyed this simple idea combining loads of my favourite supplies and one or 2 new ones!


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