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Make your own Sunshine – mixed media illustration

Hello Lulu Art friends!

What a Year!!
I can’t believe Christmas is almost upon us. Honestly, we are a week out and I still have no Christmas presents ready! (…eeek!!) With three girls, the end of the year is a whirlwind of speech days, parties and concerts. So super glad to be able to have a real excuse to sit down and get some arty relief happening!!

So… just like the title says, I decided to…

Make my own Sunshine today!


Started with some simple shapes that I painted over with Dina Wakley heavy body acrylics mixed with gesso. This gives me a good base to be able to draw over later and dulls down most of the pencil lines.

I used 2 different stencils, both floral, both by Donna Downey

I grabbed the ‘lilac buds’ by accident without realising.

I would actually recommend the POPPY STEMS & BLOOM GROUP stencil that Kylie has in store. It would give a much nice range of flower shapes to the garden

Once the stencils were in, it was then time to play with dribbling paint and splatting colour onto the page. It was a little messy, but there is nothing new there…

…that’s just the way I roll!

by the end we have yummy texture and colour like this…


Most of the detail and depth was built up toward the end with Dina Wakley Media Scribble Sticks and Prismacolor pencils


Click on the link and check out the video. (supplies list follows also)

Sadly, this is my last Lulu Art video for 2017 and I must say, I have had an absolute blast putting these together for Kylie and all of the Lulu Art customers. I wanted to thank Kylie for such a wonderful year! I have learned so much and have loved having an oppurtunity to have fun and be able to share my art with new peeps.

Thank you all for watching and thank you Kylie for letting me periodically hijack the Lulu Art blog and Youtube channel  🙂   Hopefully, I brought a little joy! ❤

Many thanks to all who have watched & commented throughout the year!
All the best holiday wishes!

Have Fun!

Dani x

If you have any questions or would love to connect… come find me:
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SUPPLIES LIST: (all from )
Strathmore Mixed media paper
Dina Wakley Media – heavy body paints                                                                                         – sky, lime, yellow, blush, ruby,evergreen ,magenta
Dina Wakley Media – Scribble Sticks
Ceramcoat – Hydrangea pink & Hello Yellow
Donna Downey – floral stencils – POPPY STEMS & BLOOM GROUP
Sharpie white water-based paint pen
Prismacolor pencils
Dina Wakley palette knife
Liquitex – gesso
Liquitex – modeling paste

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