Kylie’s Face Stencils….Giveaway..Yay!!

I’ve been working on creating some face stencils for Lisa over at Artistcellar. I’m so happy at how they turned out.


Lulu Art Design team member Dani Choate has created a mixed media tutorial HERE for you to see one of the stencils being used.


From left to right they are; PEACE, JOY, SERENITY and HOPE. More of my design team are busy creating beautiful mixed media tutorials using my Fowler Face Stencils. Keep an eye out for those.

I’ve been working in my art journal, playing around with these stencils. I used a Tombow Brush Marker 772-Blush through these stencils to start with.

Here is what I created with stencil HOPE.


and with stencil JOY. Both are works in progress.

JOY-Kylie Fowler

I’m eagerly awaiting for stock to arrive, but in the meantime I’m having a GIVEAWAY.


A set of Fowler Face Stencils 4 pck (PEACE, JOY, SERENITY and HOPE)


All you need to do to enter is comment and let me know what do you find the hardest part of drawing a face/portrait. Entries will be drawn on Monday 23rd October 2017.


However, if you can’t wait to find out if you are a winner, and you want to buy some NOW then make sure you get your set(s) here:

For US/ Canada/ South America/UK/ Europe: Artistcellar

For Australia/ New Zealand/  Asia/ Africa:  Lulu Art Store (Please note: my batch is on its way here. Not here yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as they do)

If you would like me to hold you a set/s, email me at and I’ll put them aside for you when they arrive.


Happy Creating,


Kylie - Signature


33 thoughts on “Kylie’s Face Stencils….Giveaway..Yay!!

  1. Those stencils look great. I have a hard time with proportions. The second difficulty being the mouth looking realistic.


  2. To see the final finished products must make you so proud Kylie. Your stencils looke wonderful. The hardest part I have with faces is the proportion of the features and the nose. Slowly getting better but the out of proportion first attempts make me laugh.


  3. The most difficult part for me is drawing matching eye sizes. I always seem to end up with one either lower than the other, or smaller or bigger than the other. These are beautiful and have so many possibilities. Thanks for the opportunity to win this terrific set.


  4. The hardest part of a face is the nose and eyes!!! Oh heck it is all hard but I keep erasing til I get it! I love stencils and these look awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to win them… 🙂


  5. These stencils are fantastic. Im still learning to paint a front on face, let alone trying other angles. The hardest for me would be the nose, Gosh! I believe I would use a rubber per drawing 🙂


  6. The hardest part is getting things to look natural, too straight and it looks fake, too wonky and they look like an alien. Proportion is everything!


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  8. the hardest thing on drawing a face for me it is to get both sides of the face equal. Always is one side so much different from the other side. Very frustrating…


  9. I struggle with the eyes. one is always bigger than the other. I like big eyes but mine look like bugs!!These stencils would come in very handy. 🙂


  10. Hi – these look so great!! I find that the worst part about drawing a face is my confidence!! I draw one and then I don’t think it’s good enough! I can’t seem to get any true expression into them. These would be so helpful xx


  11. I find all of making a face hard. I am just learning how to a asset of your stencils would help a lot. Thank you for a chance to win them.


  12. Love these stencils. I find getting proportions correct the hardest. Such as one eye looks different than the other, smaller or wider. I would love to win these stencils.


  13. My hardest challenge is the second eye.
    Its either wonky or a different shape. Ggrrr very frustrating. So I started practing in an old book. Getting there… slowly haha


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