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Inktense Demo with Theresa Miers

Inktense Demo Garden Hanging tags

Hello, hello, hello!

Inktense Demo pencils

Have you got some Inktense pencils? Thinking about getting some? Not sure how to use them and looking for more inspiration to get more out of them. Hopefully I can open a window into exploring ideas using one of my favourite pencils.

Inktense Demo samples

I am Theresa Miers from Where Are My Scissors? and I invite you to come and look over my shoulder as I work on creating painted paper with my Inktense pencils on the video below. I’ll talk through my process of picking colours and what I use from my stash to create layers of patterned colour. The samples above use the same process. Some are made using the colour of the rainbow and some are more monochrome. Almost all have a different set of impression making tools (stamps, stencils, etc) to create the patterns.

Inktense Demo cut tag I often will resort to creating patterned papers like this because it’s a good time to not overthink what I am doing and just play and learn. Once I have made my unique coloured papers, I will use them for a variety of purposes that you might ordinarily use any other patterned paper. Since I am running low on handmade tags I figured I might show you what the papers look like as such. The tag on the far right is cut from the paper I used in the video demo.

Since this is a demo about showcasing a fun way to utilise Inktense pencils I wanted to take that focus a step further and make my own tags using ONLY the papers made. So with scissors and paper trimmer handy I got to work.

Inktense Demo Heart tag 2

Cutting and layering just these papers opens up another way to see colours, contrasts and patterns as the pieces are seen next to each other.

Inktense Demo Flower tag 2

I love the look of all the colourful layers. I’ll be hanging these tags around my desk and art space for inspiration until such time as I call them to duty, in some happy mail.

I hope you were inspired to get your hands on those Inktense pencils and give them a chance to lead you into some colourful play time and discoveries.

Since most of the stamps I own are no longer available I’ve created a small list of suitable suggestions from the Luluart store. Most of the Dylusions and Dina Wakeley designs would be a fun fit for the technique I have shown. Try it and let us know how you got on.


Inktense Pencils 12 pack

Inktense Pencils 6pack

Impression Making Supplies.

Thanks for watching,

Theresa xoDT2017-Theresa


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