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Artist Interview with Jesse Warren

design-team-2017Today it is my pleasure to introduce the next Lulu Art Design Team Member for 2017.

Introducing Jesse Warren from Warren Creations. Jesse is the youngest member of our team, as well as being the only male. Jesse will inspire you with his eagerness to improve as an artist and his enthusiasm, as well as his easy going nature. I’m hoping Jesse will inspire other males to get into mixed media.

I asked Jesse to tell me about himself and asked him a few questions over a virtual coffee.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
I am 25 years old and I live in Hervey Bay Queensland, in Australia. I live on just over 2 acres with my new wife, horse and our rag doll cat. I am a warehouse manager for an electrical contracting business. I enjoy watching movies in our home theatre, photography and enjoying and making the most out of life. I became a married man this month, the 18th of March to be exact and I cannot wait to create and enjoy this next chapter in my life.


How/when did you get interested in art?
I have always enjoyed art. I did art in high school but stopped when the teacher told me, for an assessment, that my colour palette and shading were not up to her standard and I was made to paint over it and start again. I believe that art is not meant to be perfect and can many mediums can be used at once. But I never stopped there and have been creating ever since. A lot of my methods are trial and error and experimenting with what works best for me and what I enjoyEllie

Can you remember one of the first things you drew/painted?
I wish I kept them but they got damaged in a move. They were a series of cartoons and figures for a class art assignment. This was my first real experience using coloured pencils to build up light and shading. I also painted a sunset looking over silhouetted mountains. This was my first real experience using and blending acrylic paints.

What’s your favourite piece of work that you have created

I am objective and honest with my work and don’t believe that I have ever reached a stage in my creative journey where an artwork has stood out as my complete favourite as yet, but I do like a piece that I have been working on recently. I cant stop staring at it and its not even finished yet! So that must tell me something!

Do you have a favourite artist?

I have a few and go through stages but my top most favourite would defiantly be Tamara Laporte from Willowing Art. I love her lose and carefree nature when she create and her general style just appeals to me.


What’s the best thing about being an artist?
Being able to get messy and by the end of a creation to be able to say that you have accomplished something that you can be proud of and feeling joy at the possibility that  others might like it. It helps me let go of any issues that may be bothering me and has taught me how to be patient and more easy going.

17121380_10211611431738225_2033113317_oDo you like to have music playing while you create and if so, what kind of music do you listen to that inspires you?
Quite often I listen to spotify and listen to the current hits. But I am a big sucker for the Disney channel songs (Most likely the kid in me that refuses to grow up!)

What is your favourite thing that you often include in your work?

I am not quite sure yet but hope to find this as my art journey grows, but I do tend to favour the colours green and blue and often put butterflies or wings in my work. Most recently, I have stated including rabbits in my work.Blonde

What are you doing when you’re not creating?
I can be seen taking photos as I also really enjoy photography. I love being in my veggie patch, attending to and nurturing my crops. I love sitting on our back patio, listening to and hand feeding the wildlife that have grown to trust my wife and I.Graphite

What are your favourite products to use?
I have always been drawn to everything Tim Holtz and I have also been loving liquitex.

Do you have any tips or inspiring words to share?
The biggest thing I can say is just keep trying and be willing to experiment and keep playing. Sometimes it may not always work out but you should enjoy the process and you will  better for it.

Where can we view your work?






Do you have any upcoming online or offline classes where we can enjoy learning from you?

Perhaps some day, when I have a greater level of knowledge and skills that I can teach everyone.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Jesse, our next Lulu Art Design Team Member. Pop back tomorrow to see Jesse in action when he creates a free tutorial for you. It’s beautiful.

Happy Creating,


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