Colour Me Positive

Colour Me Positive – Week 2


Week 2 is about DISCIPLINE.


There are so many things in life that take discipline. From the smallest, right up to colossal life changing actions. Where in your life do you need more discipline? Is it related to eating healthier, exercising more, achieving your goals, creating more, etc.

Whatever aspect of your life that needs you to be more disciplined, try focusing on it this week. Write up a plan of action. Start with actionable goals, think baby steps. You’re more likely to keep up the momentum if your actions are small. For example, if you want to start exercising. Aim for walking for 5 minutes a day. This sounds so small, but you will find that you are more likely to do it, as everyone can fit in 5 minutes, right? You’ll be surprised how those 5 minutes will turn into 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, etc. If you tell yourself I’m going to walk 30 minutes from now on, you may not always have 30 minutes and will put it off until you do. So always aim for 5 minutes and anything over that is a bonus and should be celebrated.  This works. You’ll see.

This example above works for a variety of situations. Haven’t got enough time for creating. Try this 5 minutes a day method above. Good luck.

Upload your work to the CMP Week 2 Facebook Photo album here. 

Extra Challenge

For those of you who would like daily or alternative prompts, I have prepared a list for January here: cmp-daily-challenge-list-2017 Each month I will share a list of daily prompts for the whole month. Just like the CMP challenge itself, everything is optional.

You can also find the document in the Facebook group.


Week 2 Challenge Prize: 

This weeks prize is a place in the online course, Art of Play, by artist Karen Campbell, where I am one of the guest artists. You can watch a promo of the course below. Karen will be our first Artist interview of 2017 and has kindly donated a place in this fab course, so keep an eye out for that.

I will draw a random name on Friday 27th January from those who have uploaded into the Week 2 folder by that date. So you have two weeks to complete the challenge.

Entry is open to everyone who participates, no matter where in the world you are. It’s not a game of skill, you won’t be judged on your artwork. It will be a random draw.


Week 53 Prize Draw:

Today’s lucky winner is Frieda Oxenham. What a beautifully vibrant Journal spread. Congratulations Frieda.



Lulu Art News:

Thank you to all the lovely members who have made purchases from Lulu Art since it’s opening. I am truly grateful. If you place an order today, it will get shipped today, however for the next two weeks my family and I are off on our annual pre-planned family holiday, so there will be a slight delay in shipping. I do plan to come back mid way through our holidays to ship items and then go back to holidaying for the last week.

If you have any suggestions on products that would be a great addition to the store, please let me know, either by commenting on this post or emailing me at I’m wanting to slowly expand the variety of stock on the shelves. Thank you so very much.

Shopping from outside of Australia.

If you are outside of Australia you can order through Lulu Art store. Once you place an order I will calculate the cheapest possible shipping rate for you. You are under no obligation to complete your order, if postage cost is undesirable.

Please PM or email me at if you have an urgent questions.

Happy 2017,


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