Colour Me Positive

Colour Me Positive – Week 1


Welcome to the first Art Journal Challenge prompt for 2017.


This week’s challenge is all about your POWER.

Have you ever noticed, how changing how you respond to someone or a situation can change how the other person reacts or change your feelings or your mood? If you find yourself in a reoccurring situation, particularly with another person, I challenge you to think about how your response can alter the outcome.

In times of great stress, make a conscious effort to change how you respond to things. It really does make a difference.

If you have any suggestions on how you would like to see this challenge develop, please don’t hesitate to let me know either by commenting on this post or emailing me at

Extra Challenge

For those of you who would like daily or alternative prompts, I am preparing something for you. Each month I will share a list of daily prompts for the whole month. Just like the CMP challenge itself, everything is optional. January’s prompts will be posted on Monday 9th AEST, both here and in the Facebook group.


Week 1 Challenge Prize: 

This weeks prize is a place in my online course, Journal Playground, for the  lucky winner.

I will draw a random name on Friday 20th January from those who have uploaded into the Week 1 folder by that date. So you have two weeks to complete the challenge.

Entry is open to everyone who participates, no matter where in the world you are. It’s not a game of skill, you won’t be judged on your artwork. It will be a random draw.

Week 52 Prize Draw:

Today’s lucky winner is Michelle March. I love how you used the calendar as your base. It goes to show, you can create art on anything. Congratulations Michelle.



Lulu Art News:

Yay! The store is finally open. Better late than never. Phew!

If you have any suggestions on products that would be a great addition to the store, please let me know, either by commenting on this post or emailing me at I’m wanting to slowly expand the variety of stock on the shelves. Thank you so very much.

Shopping from outside of Australia.

If you are outside of Australia you can order through Lulu Art store. Once you place an order I will calculate the cheapest possible shipping rate for you. You are under no obligation to complete your order, if postage cost is undesirable.

Please PM or email me at if you have an urgent questions.

Happy 2017,


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6 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 1”

  1. Hi Kylie, just wondering if the daily challenge list is up yet? Also wondering if you were going to stock ‘Art Journaling’ by Somerset Studio magazine in the store. Thanks Peta


    1. Hi Peta,
      Yes Art Journaling will be in store soon. Awaiting for it to arrive. Sorry the Daily Challenge list is late. Hopefully will get it finished off today. It’s been a little hectic here, working from home and having kids on school holidays is a bit of a juggle. Cheers, Kylie =D


      1. Fantastic. Thank you. Don’t stress about the daily challange list, all good. Enjoy what time you have with your kids, less than 2 weeks to go (here in QLD anyway).

        Liked by 1 person

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