Colour Me Positive

Colour Me Positive – Week 50


This week’s quote is all about the importance of not COMPETING or COMPARING yourself to others.

We are all unique individuals and have so many different qualities. Same goes with our creative practice. We are all at different places of our own journeys, so it is crazy to compare yourself or your work to anyone else’s, not to mention how toxic this can be to your confidence and your flow of creativity. Imagine if we all created the same as each other and did it so perfectly. How boring would that be? Our imperfections and differences are what make us interesting. I would choose interesting over perfect every time. So Bloom I say, Bloom.


Just a reminder that there is only 2 weeks left of the challenge, but we will continue on into 2017. I do plan on adding a few more humourous quotes into the challenge, as I believe laughter can truly change your day. I hope you all don’t mind that.

Week 50 Challenge Prize:

This weeks prize is a surprise collage pack for the lucky winner. (I’m still waiting for stock and goodies to arrive for the store)

We will draw a random name on Friday 16th December from those who have uploaded into the Week 50 folder by that date. So you have two weeks to complete the challenge.

Entry is open to everyone who participates, no matter where in the world you are. It’s not a game of skill, you won’t be judged on your artwork. It will be a random draw.

Week 48 Prize Draw:

Now it’s time to draw a name from the photos loaded up into the Week 48 photo album. Today’s lucky winner is Laurie Maxwell. Congratulations Laurie. This is the lovely page that Laurie created.15250948_10207965072830331_9068255188297379332_o

Lulu Art News:

I’m still waiting for stock to arrive. Although I have had some stock arrive, it is no where enough to re-open the store just yet. It’s a shame as I was hoping to be open for anyone who wanted to do some Christmas shopping. My fingers are still crossed.

If there is anything you would like to see in my store or something that you think most people would love, please let me know either by commenting on this post or emailing me at Thank you so very much.

Please PM or email me if you have an urgent question as I’m more likely to see it. The facebook page moves so fast it’s so easy to miss comments.

Happy Blooming.


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