Colour Me Positive

Colour Me Positive – Week 27


This weeks inspiration and prompt was chosen by the wonderful and colourful, Carolyn Dube. Make sure you scroll down to read all about Carolyn and her gorgeous art because she has some lovely treats for you.

This quote is a reminder to just get in there and DO IT. Stop worrying what it looks like, whether it’s good enough, what people might think, just do it! It will help you grow and make your heart happy. Seriously, just do it!


Our extra (optional) journal prompt is:

Use a bright colour on your page that you wouldn’t normally choose.

This weeks inspiration:


Carolyn has made a video inspired by the quote and you can read all about it on her blog. Aren’t we lucky to see her in action! Get ready for a wonderful burst of colour.

Click here to go to the blog post.

When I read this quote it reminded me of one of my favourite Ben Lee songs so have linked it here for you to listen to .. it’s called “Whatever It Is”.

Our Feature Artist – Carolyn Dube

I’m so excited to introduce you to Carolyn. I’ve been following Carolyn online for quite some time and am totally in love with her wonderfully free and colourful style and her videos are such fun! Do yourself a favour and check out her work.



Tell us a little bit about yourself …

I am a self taught mixed media art adventurer. I play with every colour of the rainbow, avoid rules whenever possible, and let the little kid inside of me free. You can find my articles in magazines such as Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors, spot me teaching in person and online workshops, designing stencils for StencilGirl Products, and sharing the message of O.O.P.S. through my YouTube videos and blog.

What is your favourite quote?

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” – Kurt Vonnegut

For me, this quote is all about giving myself permission to make something no matter if it is pretty or a hot mess. Perfect isn’t important. What is important is the starting, the doing. So that’s what I do now anytime I hear those thoughts.

In the video on my blog, you’ll see how I take that quote to heart. This starts out as one hot mess where I am doing it all the “wrong” ways, and it brought me such joy.

What inspires you?

Play is where I find my greatest inspiration because that is when the muse comes to visit. But it didn’t start out that way for me because I had forgotten how to let go and play. I was stressed out by my life. I was searching for something to help me come alive. I had a nuclear powered inner critic that squashed my creativity like a bug.

But that is all in the past! Why? Because I began to play, to have fun, and to embrace all of my “mistakes”. All those “failures” and “mistakes” that I had so harshly criticized myself about actually became true gifts as soon as I started saying O.O.P.S.

Why O.O.P.S.? Because it stands for Outstanding Opportunities Presenting Suddenly and I just can’t take myself seriously when I say Oops!

Where can we find you?




Week 27 Prize Draw:

cardboard-journal-carolyn-dube-paint-5We are all being spoilt this week as Carolyn has been so generous and provided a free (5 lesson) art journaling video workshop for all of us and has also donated a very generous prize for our draw.

Giveaway for everyone-
Permission to Play, a free art journaling workshop (2 photos)

In Permission to Play, I share 3 of the ways I reclaimed my sense of play. You’ll see those 3 in action while we make an art journal out of cardboard. Along the way I share some of my favorite mixed media techniques too.

This is a 5 lesson workshop with each new video lesson coming out every 3 days. Starting when? Right when you sign up. You can start playing right away. You can watch the videos as your schedule allows plus all the videos are all downloadable. You’ll also have access to the classroom forever so any time you want a refresher you can log in and watch it again.

Prize Draw –
All 3 Modeling Paste Play mini workshops +the bonus workshop!

modeling-paste-squareI love the texture and feel of modeling paste but hate to wait for it to dry when I am playing. That got me thinking about different ways to use modeling paste so that I could have the awesomeness of it without waiting.

That is how the Modeling Paste Play a la carte workshop series came to be. 3 lessons for you to choose, each with 40+ minutes of video for you! These videos go into the hows and whys so you can play with confidence. This is content you won’t see explained on my YouTube channel.

I’ve figured out the details so you can focus on the fun. In these videos, you’ll see everything from start to finish. You get it all so you can jump right in and start playing.
You can find out more about this workshop at

We will draw a random name on Friday 15th July from those who have uploaded into the Week 27 folder by that date. So you have two weeks to complete the challenge.

Entry is open to everyone who participates, no matter where in the world you are. It’s not a game of skill, you won’t be judged on your artwork. It will be a random draw. So have fun, upload your photo and you may get a lovely bonus!

CMP_Wk25Winner of Week 25 Draw:

Now it’s time to draw a name from the photos loaded up into the Week 25 photo album. Today’s lucky winner is Cath Sheard. Congratulations Cath! Here is the page that she created.

Make sure you check out the photos in the Facebook albums. There is some amazing work in there. What a great place for inspiration. Make sure you leave a few comments while you are there.

Please remember:

It’s ok to skip a week and jump in wherever you can. Don’t feel pressured if life gets busy!

Don’t compare yourself to others. We’re all in different stages of our art journey. You’re an artist and you’re amazing no matter what level you’re at. Just have fun and keep going.

Please PM or email me if you have an urgent question as I’m more likely to see it. The facebook page moves so fast it’s so easy to miss comments.

Have fun, be happy and support one another!


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