Colour Me Positive

Colour Me Positive – Week 17


Today’s quote is about the importance of FRIENDSHIP and finding your tribe. We all desire that feeling of connection. And yet, even in this time of global connection, so many people still feel isolated and alone. There’s a deep craving to be a part of community and to find your “tribe.”

It’s a game changer when you do find them. Your whole life will change. Make the effort!

If it’s a wonderful arty tribe you’re craving then you can’t go past attending a workshop with the amazing team who run “Art-Is-You“. They hold fabulous retreats in the U.S and Australia and your tribe is there waiting for you! Not long until the Aussie retreats so make sure you sign up now for WA, NSW & QLD fun.


Our extra (optional) journal prompt is:

Make your own stamp and use it somewhere on the page.

If you need a reminder how the challenge works go have another look at the Intro page.

This weeks inspiration:

I’m clearly in love with flouro colours at the moment 😀



Our Feature Artist – Denise Daffara


Tell us a little bit about yourself …

I have been painting for 15+ years, and have been into creativity all of my life. Hobbies include sewing, repurposing something to make it something else, I’ve made a few pinafore type dresses out of men’s shirts. I love tea and make time for that every single day.

Online classes first came into my life in 2011 via Dream Boogie with SARK, I have been loving them ever since. I was a student of them for several years and now I make classes and eCourses to share as well. Meeting artful Souls from around the world is an absolute delight. I’ve attended a few workshops that have changed my life; Bloom True in Ubud with Flora Bowley taught me a lot about holding space for students – Flora did this very powerfully. Color of Woman with Shiloh Sophia, taught me a lot about the healing power of intentional creativity and meeting the Muse.

A powerful life changing experience was in January this year (2016) being with my dear Mum in NZ as she transitioned from this life to beyond, my newest paintings have dramatically changed from what I used to paint – from figurative to abstract, this has given me a very gentle and healing way for me to be with grief.

What is your favourite quote?

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting, that a new world is born.” ~ Anais Nin.

What inspires you?

Colour and paints inspire me – even more so when I give up the need for something to be perfect and just do the work/play. Online classes inspire me, to try new ways too.

Honouring Love sharable 1


Denise’s newest eCourse offering is about being with grief or loss of many kinds, and using creativity to be with hard to feel feelings. Creating a smash book, and live video circle calls are part of the class. There are some unique inclusions to this eCourse including recordings of conversations Denise has with an empath/artist/healer about how she receives clear messages from some Souls of family members who have passed.

Where can we find you?

Instagram :
Facebook :

creativitea cardFor this week’s challenge prize Denise has donated a lovely little group of goodies – an art greeting card of her painting “City Chic”, a teapot charm and an ‘Intentional Creativitea’ card. We will draw a random name on Friday 6th May from those who have uploaded into the Week 17 folder by that date. So you have two weeks to complete the challenge.

Entry is open to everyone who participates, no matter where in the world you are. It’s not a game of skill, you won’t be judged on your artwork. It will be a random draw. So have fun, upload your photo and you may get a lovely bonus!

Week 15 Draw:

Wk15_WinnerNow it’s time to draw a name from the photos loaded up into the Week 15 photo album. Today’s lucky winner is … Anna Martin. Congratulations Anna! Here is the page that Anna created about being HAPPY.

Make sure you check out the photos in the Facebook albums. There is some amazing work in there. What a great place for inspiration. Make sure you leave a few comments while you are there.

Please remember:

It’s ok to skip a week and jump in wherever you can. Don’t feel pressured if life gets busy!

Don’t compare yourself to others. We’re all in different stages of our art journey. You’re an artist and you’re amazing no matter what level you’re at. Just have fun and keep going.

Please PM or email me if you have an urgent question as I’m more likely to see it. The facebook page moves so fast it’s so easy to miss comments.

Have fun, be happy and support one another!



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