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Create a Pikachu Paper Child with Laurie Caradonna

Laurie_profileMy Nephew Harry is totally obsessed with Pokemons, he watches them for hours on youtube and has almost worn his favourite Pikachu onesie out!

He is also a kick ass Creature Creator.

I recently discovered that there are a total of 721 Pokemon CREATURES!

Hello Creatures!

My Little Creatures_Pikachu Cover

Most readers will be familiar with the wonderful world of Pokemon…. but what is a Paper Child?

Paper Children live Somewhere between comics, cartoons, and real life.

They are paper cut-out models of anime characters, 2D drawings, thrown into 3D space, often mischievous, and always adorable.

Pokemon celebrate 20 years of greatness this month. So I thought it was perfect timing to create a Lulu Art tutorial – for all of the little Pokemon Masters out there.

Are you ready to Pokemon Rumble!

Art Supplies Used:

© My Little Creatures Studio

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