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Flowers for Everyone by Loren Boyd


Well I have no idea where that time between this and my last project has gone. Each day just rolls around and tends to blend into the next but remember to always keep a little “me” time to soothe the soul with some art. This time I have chosen a very quick and easy project painting a set of flowers, because everyone loves to receive flowers……..right!!!

I hope you enjoy creating them whether they are for a gift or yours to keep.


You can watch the video here:

Supplies used:

See you again soon.



2 thoughts on “Flowers for Everyone by Loren Boyd”

  1. Hi Loren , thanks for doing the video but I found that the slide show went to fast and I did not get time to read it and therefore could not see all the different things you were doing on the canvases. Perhaps do just one canvas and pause between the words. Is it just me ? I ask myself. I am a learner and need time to assimilate the lesson. 🙂
    Cheers in art Lynne


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