Colour Me Positive

Colour Me Positive – Week 4


This week’s theme is encouraging you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If we can do that then amazing things can happen. Go forward with confidence and believe in your abilities. You are amazing and have so much to offer the world.  Be persistent and keep moving forward. You might stumble occasionally but don’t give up, pick yourself up and keep on going. You can do it!

Here is our Week 4 quote:


Our extra (optional) journal prompt is:

Use a photo of yourself or a self portrait

If you need a reminder how the challenge works go have another look at the Intro page.

I’m away travelling this week so haven’t been able to create a page myself but I have these two lovely pages created by friends.

This is a page created by Monika Dabrowska-Ejmont:


This one was created by Shara Green:


Here’s a link to a video from YouTube artist BeCre8ive2 where she does some very creative lettering with some words that fit perfectly with this weeks challenge.


Our featured artist this week – Susan Farrell

Susan Farrell is an Intuitive Artist/Teacher specializing in Healing/Visionary Art from Rye, Victoria, Australia. She is the creator of the “Serendipity Intuitive” Workshops, which she teaches all over Australia.

Her mission in life is to inspire as many souls as she can, to start painting & creating! It is her belief that everyone is an Artist!



What is your favourite inspirational Quote?

“I still believe in Magic” is my motto. Life can send us lots of ups and downs and we can get a bit jaded through the journey. Since I was a little girl I have always been able to see magic everywhere. This belief has helped and supported me throughout my life, and time and time again magic has come into my life.

I love this quote from Roald Dahl. I so agree, if you don’t believe in magic you how could you ever find it?


What inspires you?

I have always been inspired by animals, birds and our beautiful world around us.
My subjects come to me in dreams, meditations or a particular animal or bird will keep popping up everywhere on my walks, media or even outside my window. Once I paint them they seem to be happy and contented.

My most recent inspiration has been anything with wings, Birds, Butterflies, and Dragonflies. The actual catch phrase for My Serendipity E-Course is “Fly Free”!

Finally I am totally inspired by all the gorgeous Souls I teach. I never get tired of watching how a student can evolve through my workshops. They may not have painted for years, or maybe never? They just don’t believe they have the ability to create a painting but with the simple techniques, using stencils, layers and loads more, they discover that they can indeed create something beautiful.
At the end of the workshop they are ecstatic and so proud of what they have produced and it is to my utmost joy that they go home and keep painting.
I am so lucky and honoured to be able to live my passion by teaching what I love!

The Gaia Tree of DestinyThis is my painting “The Gaia Tree Of Destiny”.  Within us all is our own “magical” destiny. Discover your own Magic!!

What is Magic? I don’t mean the Magician’s magic, or even the White Witch’s type of magic either.

I am talking about the Magic that each and everyone of us has within us. We were born with it. There is Magic everywhere. We just have to look.

A lovely way to connect to our inner selves or muse is to find a quiet spot, close your eyes and just “Be”. You could also listen to some amazing music. Allow your ideas be born from your own intuition.

I can’t wait to see what you all envision!!

Susan has just recently launched the Serendipity Intuitive E-Course. A Five Week transformation! This gives everyone all over the world the chance to experience what the serendipity has to offer. The Classroom opens on the 6th February 2016. You can find more information here.

Susan’s Website

Susan’s Facebook Page

The Gaia Tree of DestinyWeek 4 Challenge Prize:

For the Week 4 prize draw Susan Farrell has generously donated a print of her beautiful painting “The Gaia Tree Of Destiny” mentioned above! It is 50cm x 50cm in size and is valued at $90. So to be in this weeks draw make sure that you load your photo of your Week 4 challenge into the relevant album in the Facebook page.

We will draw a random name on Friday 5th February from those who have uploaded into the Week 4 folder by that date. So you have two weeks to complete the challenge.

Entry is open to everyone who participates, no matter where in the world you are. It’s not a game of skill, you won’t be judged on your artwork. It will be a random draw.

Winner_Wk4Week 2 draw:

Now it’s time to draw a name from the photos loaded up into the Week 2 photo. Today’s lucky winner is … Lillian Lentros. Congratulations Lillian. This is the  page that Lillian created about being brave.

A Discount for my Australian Customers

All you lovely Australians that are participating in the challenge are entitled to a 5% discount whenever you make a purchase from our Lulu Art store anytime throughout the year. All you need to do is enter in the following coupon code in when you check out – CMP2016

Please remember:

It’s ok to skip a week and jump in wherever you can. Don’t feel pressured if life gets busy!

Don’t compare yourself to others. We’re all in different stages of our art journey. You’re an artist and you’re amazing no matter what level you’re at. Just have fun and keep going.

Please PM or email me if you have an urgent question as I’m more likely to see it. The facebook page moves so fast it’s so easy to miss comments.

Have fun, be happy and support one another!


8 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Week 4”

  1. oh wow… the painting of the tree-I was thinking tree before I even scrolled down! – I was just hiking in the woods with my dog and I just wanted to hug the big beautiful mossy covered trees. Looking back- I’ve always been one to want to hike and explore the woods. Fortunately the forest I live near now is a lot more people friendly than the midwest states where I grew up. Since I’ve started this challenge- I have been more consistent with my hikes- despite the rainy winter. Definitely my zen place to reconnect with myself and move forward with hope. I’ll be honest December is always a bad month and this IS the year I change that. Thank you so much for this Challenge!


  2. Lisa…wondering why many of the pics in the albums aren’t going to the news feed…
    Including my last 2 posts…
    Seems like I’m seeing a lot less in the feed…
    Thanks, jennifer


    1. Make sure you leave a comment on your own photos which will then make them appear in the feed. As for there being a lot less in the feed, that would just be facebook making our decisions for us. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over it. ~ Lisa


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