Colour Me Positive

Colour Me Positive – Introduction


Welcome to the Colour Me Positive 2016 art journal challenge. We’ve had a few questions via email and facebook and we though we’d explain a few things here before our challenge starts on Friday.

How will the challenge work?

It’s simple really. On Friday of each week we will post the new weeks challenge on our blog here. If you are signed up to our mailing list you will also receive an email to let you know it’s live. A link to the current weeks blog post will also be pinned to the top of our Facebook page each week so you can find it quickly.

Our post will include our positive quote for the week for inspiration. It will also include an extra/optional challenge prompt. We will put up some examples of pages we have done with the quote as inspiration, some of which will also incorporate the extra challenge. These pages are purely to show you what we have done and how we have interpreted the challenge in our own journals. What you create is entirely up to you. You can take a word from the quote, a feeling, a colour, the extra prompt, all of the above or nothing at all. I repeat, it is entirely up to you what format it takes, what mediums you use and what direction you take. We can’t wait to see what you do with it!

I’ve heard talk from people who aren’t even using a journal, they are using playing cards or ATC’s or even doing a mini scrapbook. Bring it on but don’t forget to share photos!

We won’t be offended if you don’t use the challenge prompt at all and totally do your own thing. We’ll just be excited that maybe we inspired you to take action in your journal. That is our aim, to keep you inspired and moving with your creativity, and hopefully to keep you positive with the words we share.

Please don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated if you see someone post a photo of their amazing piece of art they have created. Just remember, you are amazing too, we are all just at different levels of our journey.  Don’t let it ever stop you posting. You just don’t know who you might inspire in the process.

Our challenge is really flexible. We only ask that you be kind to one another in the Facebook group, support each other and most of all – relax and have some fun!!!

A note about sharing photos on our Facebook page – We will set up an album for each weeks challenge. Please add your photo to the relevant weeks album. It will be so much easier to keep them all organised and for when we are doing weekly prize draws (you’ll read about those further down the page!). Let us know if you’re not sure how to share to an album and we’ll give you a hand. Also please remember to upload from your files rather than sharing from another FB page. Because of carying privacy setting sharing doesn’t always work properly so remember to upload direct from your files instead.

Who is Lisa Hayes and Lulu Art?

Watch this introduction video to find out!

What will you need?

Our best advice is to just start with what you have! You really don’t need every supply out there (of course we want them haha but we don’t need them). Don’t despair if you only have a few things or you have a limited budget. If you only have a few pencils, do your challenge with those. If you have a few old acrylic paints, break them out and use those. You might be a scrapbooker, break out your pretty paper scraps to make some collage backgrounds. You don’t have to use the same products we use, get inventive and use up your stash.

We have had a lot of people new to art journaling that have asked what supplies might be good for a basic art journaling kit. Here are my favourite go to items:

  • A good sturdy journal – if you intend to use any paints or sprays then you want a journal that can take the pressure! I recommend any of the Strathmore mixed media journals, the Dylusions journals or even working on seperate sheets of watercolour paper and binding it together at the end of the year.  You can also use an old book. If the paper is thin just glue 2 or 3 sheets together then use gesso as a base before you start painting on it. There are lots of options.I personally will be working in several journals. I have a few that I adore and like to share the love around 🙂
  • Some cheap acrylic paints – these are great for creating backgrounds for your journal pages.
  • Stencils – I’m obsessed with them and use them constantly.  They are easy to use and can create an instant arty effect without having to have any drawing/painting skills.
  • Old magazines – great for chopping out pictures and words to collage on to your pages.
  • Journaling pens – I personally love the Sharpie Paint pens as they will write over most surfaces.

You may have noticed we are also an Australian online store. So if any of our Australian ladies are looking for anything in particular we are most happy to help. We certainly won’t say no!  But again, I stress, you don’t need to go crazy on supplies. Art journaling should be fun and a great way to use up anything you already have.

Feature Artists

We’ve been totally blessed that many gorgeous artists we’ve approached have agreed to take part in the challenge by letting us feature them throughout the year. They will be sharing with us what their favourite quote is and what inspires them. I’m so excited about who we have lined up! I can tell you that there will be no lack of inspiration in 2016!!

Prize Giveaways

We have had some wonderful donations from several of our feature artists and we also have a few goodies up our sleeve as well. Every week we will have a giveaway. A name will be drawn randomly from those lovely people who participate by loading up a photo in that weeks album on Facebook.

This is not a game of skill. We know that you are all at different levels in your art. The draw will be totally random using a random number generator and counting from the first photo loaded.

We know sometimes life happens and we don’t always get a chance to work in our journals every week. Therefore we will draw the winner of the prize draw two weeks after each blog post .. so for example, Week 1 blog post goes up on 1st January, you have two weeks to get a journal page completed and loaded up in the Week 1 folder, a name will be drawn on Friday 15th January.

Extra Challenges & Swaps

Throughout the year we are hoping to have some extra challenges and swaps.

We support several charities and would like to have some projects that give back to our/your communities. More details soon.

We also know how much people like to be involved in swaps so we are looking to organise a couple of them throughout the year.

Social Media Sharing

Feel free to share photos of your work. Any photos shared on the Facebook group remain private and only seen by those who are members as it is a closed group. Please respect the privacy of your fellow members by not sharing any of their photos on social media (e.g. Pinterest, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc).  If we share elsewhere then it will only be with the permission of those involved.

If you choose to share your own photos of your own work then you are most welcome to share them wherever you like. To all those hashtag queens out there this is for you – please use #colourmepositive whenever you share out there so we can check it out and share the love!

Time Zones

We will be posting our blog posts around 9am on a Friday morning here in Queensland, Australia. This is approximately 3pm Thursday in Los Angeles, U.S. and 11pm Thursday in London, U.K.

Only two more sleeps and then it will be time for our first challenge!  We are sooooo excited we can hardly sleep anyway!  We look forward to getting to know you throughout the year.


If you haven’t already signed up to get the weekly emails you can sign up here for a year of positive creativity.

If you haven’t joined the facebook group you can do so here.

61 thoughts on “Colour Me Positive – Introduction”

  1. Hi, I can’t wait to start, but we are going away for 3 days on a farm over New Year. I am still not sure, what medium book or paper I will use and I am a mixed media/collage fan, so I will not be able to take “everything” along. But we’ll see what happens. A few things I might be able to hide in my luggage…. I have a blog which I did not use often over the past 2015, but I will share my stuff there as well, once in a while, so you are welcome to hop over there and to know me better…… So for now, I have to pack and I hope to see you soon all over fb.
    Have a beautiful and joyful New Year and an amazing year 2016 ahead.
    Love and light
    from Windhoek, Namibia, neighbour country of South Africa


  2. Great introduction video, Lisa. You showcased the area very well. I too am glad to live in this wonderful part of the world. I’m looking forward to participating in this weekly journal journey. Hopefully I can attend some of the class workshops this year too. It was great to meet you in person when the delightful Dina Wakely was here. Thea


  3. Have serious backyard envy Lisa 🙂 I am in Central West NSW and my views are agricultural. A lucerne paddock doesn’t quite match up, but it’s home. Looking forward to our time together.


  4. What a wonderful introduction Lisa and lovely to see Frosty enjoying his star status. I’ve been part of a doll rescue group this year and seen sensitive collaboration and support at work first hand. It’s fabulous that you’re providing such a rich space for members to revel in and I can’t wait to start the challenges. Thank You.


  5. It all looks so wonderful, Lisa. Kudos to you for doing this, I can see it will only grow from here!

    I wanted to say that if you like, I would be happy to do an offering each season with an intuitive reading, quote prompt and creative ideas to interpret it. Just an offer, you may already have a big line up of guests.

    All my Love and Happy New Year for tomorrow onwards!

    Love Chrissy xx



  6. Oh how lovely to put a face to the name and my area is similar on the Central Coast of NSW beaches and lakes surround me…I am happy to say I am one of your customers since early 2015 and you provide a great service …can’t wait to start this is going to be fun …
    Hugz Bev


  7. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for adding me to the participants. I am looking forward to some (hopefully) structured inspiration and creativity this year. (Sorry, next year, tomorrow that is!) I’m usually just flitting from one thing to another in any form of mixed media.
    Love your location! The Sunshine Coast is one of my favourite places, although preferably in May, rather than the middle of Summer 🙂
    However, here in Sydney (Pittwater), it is rather pleasant at the moment 🙂
    Happy New Year.


  8. Hi Lisa – I was born and raised in Maryborough Queensland, just a skip up the highway from you. I live in Hobart Tasmania now though. I also have a beautiful, but very cheeky white cat. Her name is Luna and she is often found trying to drink my paint water, or lying on my half finished artworks. Crazy thing. I’ve been art journalling for about 18 months and just lover every moment of it. If anyone is interested, I am @drawingboardau on Instragram. Looking forward to the first prompt tomorrow morning and getting to know people better as the year begins.


  9. Thanks for the great introduction Lisa, I’m really looking forward to this challenge and being inspired each week by all of the others on the group. Wishing you and everyone who has joined up, much success, love and happiness for 2016. 💜💜💜


  10. This looks so much fun. I have wanted to use playing cards for a long time, making a book with them and now the opportunity is right here 😉 Looking forward to this journey with you all.
    Hugs from snowy cold Iceland


  11. I just signed up for a four week class on Art Journaling; hope this helps me the rest of the year. Can’t wait to get started on Color Me Positive!


  12. Lisa, I use fibre and yarn, spinning.knitting, crochet and felting. My greatest challenge will be doing art in a journal. I started the 365 grateful project but got lost along the way so hopefully a weekly challenge will be more successful. Heres to 2016 !!!


  13. Thank you for setting this up. I will be using this as a tool to teach me how to use the set of watercolours I aquired over Xmas. 🙂


  14. Thank you for accepting me. What a lovely wonderful way to live every day/weekly. Gratitude quotes. I have been a member of DLP Journal (my 3rd year). Tough to keep that one up. Now that the tree in the backyard has been cut down by the community, it is almost impossible to work in my art room even with closed blinds. I do want to keep this one up though. I’m on Flickr but haven’t as yet joined Instagram. Thanks again. I am a member of Paint Party Friday (how I heard about you in the first place). I just put up my First watercolor (ACEO) painting. I have an art blog and a photography blog. Blessings, Janet


  15. I’m a little behind…just finished Week 1 because I am taking a Mixed Media class on Tuesdays for a month….but, I’ll catch up. Found that I LOVE doing this!!! Thanks for your inspiration.


    1. Hi Janet, You don’t have to join the FB page, we realise it’s not everyones thing. We just find it a convenient place to join together as a community to share ideas and photos. You are most welcome to still follow along with the challenge without FB. If you want to be included in any of the weekly draws just email me your photo anytime and I will make sure you are included. ~ Lisa


  16. I haven’t yet figured out how to post a picture of the page I make each week, and I’m into week 22,
    but I am loving your blog and the art that is shown there. Also just watched (again) your intro to where you live and am SO jealous. What a beautiful place to be inspired.
    Keep up the great work and I will follow you to the ends of the earth…or at least Australia!
    Hugs to you and Frosty,
    Mary in Missouri


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