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Put a Wing on it – A project by Robyn Wood

RobynThis month I decided to alter a paper mache pencil box that had been kicking around my art room for a while.

It was the perfect size to hold the collection of pens, washi tape and sticky notes that I like to have at hand on my desk.

Put a Wing on it

Unfinished paper mache products are often available at stores like Spotlight and Lincraft but check out the local discount store or art shop as they often have some interesting shapes and different options.

For the image of the wing I decided to have a go at drawing it myself using an online tutorial. I found a bunch online so pick the one that seems easiest and go for it! If you aren’t up for that – try a Google image search for a wing that will suit the box size and shape. Of course you can use any image you like, butterflies and flowers would also look fantastic.

I hope you enjoy learning how this box came together!

You can watch the video here:

Supplies used:


I hope you enjoyed learning how this project comes together. Don’t forget to pop by Lulu Art & Friends Facebook page to say hi, share your project or leave a comment on my blog,


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