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Take a Moment – Art Journal Page by Robyn Wood

RobynHello, it’s Robyn joining you today to share how I created a floral garden using some self-carved stamps. Stamp carving is something I have been wanting to have a go at for ages but never seemed to get to so this project was a great reason to dive in. I’m a long term rubber stamper and love my commercially produced stamps but this offers the opportunity to create something all your own but little cost and it can fill that ‘I just need….’ dilemma when trying to finish a project.

A word of warning – stamp carving tools are sharp! Keep the blade pointed away from you, work in a well-lit area and go slowly until you get a feel for the rubber. I learnt to carve timber as a teenager so found it all came back very quickly but the process is really simple – and lots of fun!

Take a Moment

You can watch the video here:


Supplies used:


I hope you enjoyed learning how this project comes together. Don’t forget to pop by Lulu Art & Friends Facebook page to say hi, share your project or leave a comment on my blog,


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