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Two Faces – A Journal Page by Monika Dabrowska-Ejmont

MonikaI have had 5 of the dylusions ink sprays for a few years now and to tell you the truth we are not friends 🙂  This is probably only the 3rd time I have played with them. They are like wild animals – impossible to control, unpredictable but OMG! they are coming in all those O! so beautiful bright colours! So I will be keeping them on the shelves and keep admiring those shades and colours while they are still in the bottle! and occasionally I might let them on the wild, short adventure in my journal and …. Next I will buy new Dylusions acrylic paints because they have the same vibrant, yummy shades, they look so pretty in those clear acrylic jars and let’s hope I will be able to control them better. If not …. Well they will look even prettier on the shelves than the ink sprays.

Here’s what I created with the wild Dylusions ink sprays ..



You can watch the process video here:

Supplies Used:

Monika xx

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