Two Faces – A Journal Page by Monika Dabrowska-Ejmont

MonikaI have had 5 of the dylusions ink sprays for a few years now and to tell you the truth we are not friends 🙂  This is probably only the 3rd time I have played with them. They are like wild animals – impossible to control, unpredictable but OMG! they are coming in all those O! so beautiful bright colours! So I will be keeping them on the shelves and keep admiring those shades and colours while they are still in the bottle! and occasionally I might let them on the wild, short adventure in my journal and …. Next I will buy new Dylusions acrylic paints because they have the same vibrant, yummy shades, they look so pretty in those clear acrylic jars and let’s hope I will be able to control them better. If not …. Well they will look even prettier on the shelves than the ink sprays.

Here’s what I created with the wild Dylusions ink sprays ..



You can watch the process video here:

Supplies Used:

Monika xx


Poppies – Journal Page by Monika Dabrowska-Ejmont

MonikaI love poppy flowers, they are always taking me back to my childhood. I remember our veggie patch in which grandma just spread poppy seeds randomly and they were growing between carrots, potatoes, strawberries. Always standing taller than the rest of the plants on their hairy green stems. Bright, bold and also so fragile.

Then in autumn they were turning in to brown, rattling hard heads, still beautiful in their own way. And then Christmas time we had a delicious poppy seed cake. I wish I was good at painting realistic flowers…or animals …. or anything. But since I am not :)) I just used this Ronda’s fragment stencil to create poppies with a twist. There is still red and green and brown and black, all the colours I remember from childhood, so it makes me happy. And my kitty was there to help me to recreate the childhood feelings and also make new happy memories.



You can watch the process video here:

Supplies used are:

Monika xx