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Life is .. a mixed media canvas by Robyn Wood

RobynLife is….

The eternal question – what is life about?

Hello, it’s Robyn with you today asking a very deep question. Possibly easy to answer if you look at the word band I’ve used on my project!

I like to have little pieces of inspiration around me – images pinned to my little notice board, words and quotes collected in my little dedicated ‘quote’ Moleskin notebook or on the various pieces of art I buy to decorate the walls in my study. The more I are journal, the more I’m creating little pieces just for myself which carry words to inspire.


The project features a new product for LuLu Art – mica tiles. Mica is a mineral, mined from the ground in countries like Africa and South America and it has a lovely layered structure which can be pulled apart and inked, painted, diecut, punched, cut, torn, embossed, the list goes on. Colours can vary and depending on how careful you are in pulling it apart, the sheets can be quite thick to whisper thin. If you look closely, you will see that the tiles are very slightly translucent and have differing colours – very similar to amber.

Many of us already know and use mica – it’s in our lipsticks, eye shadows, metallic car paint, glittery body products, even shampoo! As crafters we have been using mica for ages as Twinkling H2O’s, pearlescent stamping inks, Pearl Ex and glimmery mists.  Ok, I’ll take my scientist hat off now and show you my project!

Watch the video here:


I hope you enjoy learning how this project comes together. Once you have the supplies assembled, it comes together pretty quickly.  If you use mica in a project, I’d love to see a picture.  Upload it to the LuLu Art & Friends Facebook page or leave a comment on my blog,



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