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Stamping Up The Fun by Wendy Walsh

IMG_4411In my last blog post and video we made a mixed media journal, now it is time to pop a new journal page into our art journal or existing journal and STAMP UP THE FUN.

Let’s use a gel printing plate, stamps, a printer, acrylic paints, pencils and of course your creative genius.

This is a great project to try, especially if drawing faces is a challenge to you. Here’s a couple of photos of my stamping UP. Now its time to play with some more stamps… creative mind is buzzing…

IMG_3602  IMG_3600

Watch the following video and give it a go……the results will both delight and ignite your imagination!

Please note:

  1. When enlarging and printing your stamped image make sure you do a test run first with your printer before you print directly onto your beautiful background piece.
  2. When printing directly onto your mixed media background make sure the mixed media on the paper is completely dry.

The supplies I used:

I LOVED creating this! It’s a great spin on embellishing printed stamps, only upsized.

Have some fun with this design project.

Until next time,

Wendy xx

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3 thoughts on “Stamping Up The Fun by Wendy Walsh”

  1. Ohhh that video certainly got my creative hands twitching for mixed media mayhem today- thank you Wendy – she is gorgeous!


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