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Meet two of our Design Team Members!

Wow, what a tough time I had picking only 4 people from all the amazing applications that rolled in!  A big thank you to all who applied.  Your work was beautiful and I had such fun looking through all your photos and reading your blogs.  I’ll be sending out a little gift to you all as a thank you for applying to be on my very first design team.  Please send me through your postal address if you haven’t already. Big hugs to you all.

I am so excited about the talent that will be featuring on this blog!  I sent our DT ladies a set of questions to answer so you could get to know them better.  So without further ado .. here are the first two of our four lovely Design Team members and some examples of their amazing work. Let me introduce Anne Cahill and Cassandra Bright.

Anne Cahill  Anne Cahill

Anne loves all arts and crafts. Her passion at the moment is in mixed media and art journaling in altered books. She loves to draw and paint and finds it an outlet at the end of the day.
She has been published 73 times in the express magazines both Handmade and Creative Decorative Painting and Folk Art. She eats, breathes and sleeps creativity 🙂

Describe yourself in one short sentence.  Creative, happy, motivated, slightly twisted. My husband gives a little giggle and says how about hormonal and nagging. But quickly adds he wouldn’t trade me for the world. “You just have to love them don’t you.”

Why do you like doing mixed media artwork?  I love being creative and having no set boundaries. I never have liked being told what to do. Just ask my husband. Mixed media allows me to express myself with using words.

What’s your favourite style and colours?  Some days I am obsessed with rustic tones, the next could pretty and pastel. My paintings reflect my mood and as my husband knows it changes with the wind :o) My favourite style would presently be whimsical.

How many hours a week would you spend on your art?  On an average week anywhere from 2 – 12 hours. I would LOVE to spend a lot more but one has to work. I am waiting to win Lotto. Aren’t we all!!!

Tell us something unusual about yourself.  “I see dead people”……. No I don’t.  I am perfect in my own mind and can be easily swayed with a glass of Red and a selection of Dark Chocolates.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into mixed media artwork?  Go for it; Mixed Media is so rewarding. It need not be expensive to get started as you will be amazed at what you have already that you can use. But beware….. once you start you will be addicted for life.

Inspire us with your favourite quote?  “Think outside the box.” This helps justify my stash of crafts bits and pieces that I have to have on hand, one never knows what they will want at 9pm at night.

Some selected pieces of Anne’s work:

Anne_card Anne_page Anne_tag

Cassandra Bright Cass

Cassandra started her journey with scrapbook layouts then moved onto cards, beyond the page projects, altered art and for some time now has been in love with Mixed Media. Several years ago she completed the Copic Marker Beginner Certification and then the Intermediate.  Earlier this year she was published for the first time in Scrapbook Creations Magazine.

Describe yourself in one short sentence.  Mixed bag!

Why do you like doing mixed media artwork?  I love mixed media artwork because there are no rules. There is no right or wrong and there are no mistakes! You can use whatever products, mediums or findings that you like, it is truly your artwork.

What’s your favourite style and colours?  I’m moving more into what I would call a colourful whimsical style at the moment. But I have always loved anything that is vintage, rusty and old. For a long time my favourite colours have been brown, pink and green. But now I am moving towards Teal, it is always changing.

How many hours a week would you spend on your art?  Not as many as I would like, but I am sure most people would say the same. However, I do find if I am not creating I am researching product and

Tell us something unusual about yourself.  I’m nuts about Labradors! I have two, a 10 yr old and 11 yr old and they were my flower girls, ring bearers and bridesmaids at my wedding. And they have there own bedroom with a single bed with Brass knobs. lol.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into mixed media artwork?  Embrace the fact that your work does not have to be perfect, treat yourself as a learner with your ‘L’ Plates on and be kind to yourself. Researching products gives you the ability to understand how you can use those products to your advantage and help you get the effect you desire. Experiment.

Inspire us with your favourite quote?  Creativity is intelligence having fun!

Some selected pieces of Cassandra’s work:

Cass_2 Cass_3 Cass_layout

I can’t wait to see what these ladies create for the Lulu Art blog!


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